November Intergroup Meeting

All are invited to join us for the next Intergroup meeting coming up on Saturday, November 16th from 10:15am to 12pm.

Location: Community United Church of Christ in Raleigh at the corner of Wade Ave and Dixie Trail.

Hope to see you there!

Flyer for OA Men

Men of OA – You’re not alone!
Are you the only man in your meeting? Do you have trouble freely sharing in meetings of mostly women? The World Service Survey done in 2010 revealed that only about 13% of our fellowship consists of men! If you want to connect with other men in OA, there are many meetings, by phone and in-person, with a Special Focus for Men, as well as several other ways you can connect with men in the program.
★ Are you new to OA? Visit to learn more about this program of recovery and get started today.
Face-to-Face Meetings
There are over 40 face-to-face meetings in several countries around the world with a Special Focus for Men. To view the most updated list of all meetings with a Special Focus for Men, visit
Phone Meetings
Here are all the phone meetings around the world, with a Special Focus for Men. All times are listed in EST.
Sunday 8:30 AM
563-999-2090 Pin: 316200#
Sunday 8:30 PM
712-770-4160 Pin: 409092#
Monday 7:00 PM
712-451-1129 Pin: 350025#
Tuesday 7:00 PM
712-775-7031 Pin: 242990669#
Thursday 7:00 PM
605-475-4850 Pin: 197132#
The online meetings listed below require more steps to access. Visit to learn more.
Wednesday 7:00 PM
Contact Name: Ken G Contact Phone: 914-263-6532
Thursday 12:30 PM
Contact Name: Cleve
Contact Phone: +278-3271-4584
Friday 7:30 PM
Contact Name: Jack
Contact Phone: 709-749-8888
★Some of the meeting listings may have been added, removed, or changed since the printing of this flyer, visit to view the most updated list of all meetings with a Special Focus for Men.
OA Men Email Groups
Join an email-based discussion group for Men in OA. Read and send group email with other men in OA.
• To join the Google group, email, including your first name and your last initial.
• To join the Yahoo group, visit and submit your email address.
OA Men Phone Outreach List
Join the Outreach Phone List to make and receive phone calls with other men in OA, around the world! • To join the phone list, join the Google group above and also include your phone number and time zone. is a website to find resources for men in OA. Got something to add? Click “Contact Us”.
Spread the word!
Share this flyer with everyone in OA! Print or photocopy this and share it at your meetings and intergroups.
If you want to modify this flyer to list face-to-face meetings with a Special Focus for Men in your area, visit for instructions and to download the Microsoft Word version. Please contact us at to let us know how you’re spreading the word and how we can help!
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Revised Suggested Meeting Formats Available

The revised and new Suggested Meeting Formats, adopted at the February BOT meeting, are now posted online and available for free download. This includes the NEW Suggested Reading and Writing Meeting Format.

Find them online at under “Meeting Formats.”

Here are the direct links:

Suggested Meeting Format:

Suggested Telephone Meeting Format:

Suggested Young Persons’ Meeting Format:

Suggested Step-Study Meeting Format:

Suggested Recovery-from-Relapse Meeting Format:

Guidelines for a Group Conscience Meeting/Suggest Format for a Group Conscience Meeting:

Newcomer Meeting Guidelines and Format:

Suggested Reading and Writing Meeting Format:

Please share or reprint this announcement in your group and service body newsletters.

Call for Stories

A call for OA member stories has been announced. Find the information and release form at What’s New ( and attached.

Here is the direct link:

Did You Enter OA at Age 18-30? Send Us Your Story!
OA is looking for new stories to include in a revised To the Teen pamphlet for young people. Members ages 18 to 30 or who entered OA during that time of their life are encouraged to submit stories that involve any manifestation of the disease (overeating, anorexia, bulimia, binge eating, and other compulsive food behaviors). Email your story to with the subject “YP Story.” Submitted stories must include a signed release form. The deadline for submissions is April 1, 2019. Give service and hope: share your story and share the news about this opportunity—download the flyer to bring to your next group or service body.

Speakers Needed

Aloha Ya’ll from the great state of Hawaii!

My former “home meeting” in North Carolina has graciously allowed me to continue giving service by securing the Speakers for the FIRST Sunday of every month.

This OA meeting takes place on the second floor of the main building at Structure House, 3017 Pickett Road, Durham NC 27705.

This meeting tends to have more newcomers who are curious about OA and want to give it a try. Sometimes, the suggestion to try OA comes from a Therapist familiar with 12 Step Programs, and sometimes it’s a family or friend who suggests they try out a few meetings. Often they may be visiting Durham from another state and will ask about meetings in their area. It’s a great seque to share about how OA World Service connects us from state to state and to talk about phone meetings, and our virtual services.

We are looking for Speakers (both Veteran OA members who have many years of recovery under their belts and newer members who have been in OA for a year or two but are showing signs of strong recovery). All you need to do is show up on the appointed Sunday and share your story of Experience, Strength and Hope with others.

The Meeting starts at 1030am. The Leader will introduce you around 10:45 and you’ll have 20 minutes to share your story. Afterwards there is a discussion time where people share about anything that resonated with them from your share or they may just share something that is weighing heavy on their heart that day.

Let me know if you (or a sponsee) is interested and which First Sunday in 2019 works best for you. I am planning on visiting NC either the first Sunday in May or June. Perhaps, I’ll see some of you then?

Mahalo and a hui hou!
Patrick T., OA Region 2
Waikoloa Hawaii OA Saturday Morning Meeting
OA Big Island Intergroup Communications Chair
Big Island of Hawaii
(919) 949-9267