SOAR Spring 2017 Business Assembly Report

SOAR Business Assembly Report

Jacksonville, Fla

March 17, 2017, 7pm-10pm session

We have 8 green dot representatives at the assembly, including 1 from Bogota, Colombia, 1 from the Triad IG, and 1 from the Piedmont IG.

33 voting delegates are present for the evening session.

The treasurer gave a presentation on the 501 ( c )(3) public charity nonprofit tax designation.  Questions have been asked regarding the use of WSO’s 501 status by the regions.  The treasurer explained that no group or intergroup can use WSO’s 501 (c )(3) tax number as it would compromise WSO’s tax exempt status.  Any group or intergroup can apply for 501 status.  That group should: 1)-consult an attorney or an accountant; 2)-be aware that there may be an initial fee and an annual fee; 3) the state may have additional tax-exempt laws.


Groups meeting in churches or schools may be want to consider group liability insurance to cover the group in case anyone is injured during a meeting or OA event.  In other words, who is responsible, the institution or the meeting?  Some institutions may require groups to have group liability insurance.

Forum topic:  Keep It Simple (based on 12th Step Within Simplicity Project on WSO website)

Examples:  3 – L – 1:  3 meals a day – 1 day at a time – Life in between

                   Food plan, Action Place, Recovery Plan, Serenity Plan

                   Physical, emotional, spiritual recovery categories- what am I doing each day?

The Blessings of Recovery ( 3 speakers )

  1. – I am a sugar addict.  I wanted sugar more than my eyes, my limbs, or my life, but I didn’t want you to know how crazy I was.  Diabetes ran in my family, and I saw the ravages every day, but still continued to eat sugar.  When I went to my first OA meeting, they made me treasurer.  Couldn’t they see that I was crazy?  I was still battling sugar every day.  I was bloody, but abstinent.  Then my mother, my older sister, and then my grandmother all died and I felt like I was in hell.  I felt joyless and broken.  My savior arrived as a little tri-fold pamphlet called “12-Stepping a Problem”.  This pamphlet and my willingness to use it became my ladder out of hell and my road to joy.  I discovered the lies in my life; that I was mean, that I was evil, that I should do everything for my family, that I was the fix-it kid, but that I never did anything right.  I had punished myself daily for years.  I took Steps 4- 9 to surrender these lies.  God gave me acceptance, understanding, and forgiveness for myself and others.  Speaking about the Promises is speaking about joy of my recovery journey.  
  2. – Pain and fear brought me into OA.  I knew I had a “different relationship” with food.  If you had my life, you would overeat also.  The food stopped working, but I threw everybody out of my life before that happened.  Pain came when I realized that I was the common denominator in the issues of my life.  I was obsessed about food, what I ate, what you ate, what I was going to eat, what I shouldn’t eat.  I could diet, but I couldn’t keep it off.  I wore shapeless clothes and wouldn’t be in photos.  I stopped being able to soothe myself with food.  I Googled eating disorders, and “OA” came up.  I just wanted a food plan and I would be out of there.  I was STILL dieting!  I was finally given “the gift of desperation”.   I wanted what others had, the physical, emotional, and spiritual recovery.  I started working the Steps and got honest with myself.  I was living in illusions and lies.  I worked with a sponsor.  I have maintained a healthy weight for 3 years, and I could never do that before OA.  I was also getting sane, present, and available.  I love working with sponsees.  Today I have a life that is unbelievable.  I have the ability to love and to be loved.

V.- In OA I found acceptance for who I was for the first time.  I was a very fat unhappy person.  I had cancer; OA helped me to lose weight, get healthier, and I am still here!  I was a night eater; I do not do that anymore.  My sponsor told me that I needed to work the Steps.  My wife is in OA and does a lot of service, and I started helping her.  Service helps me to show up.  I have lost 50 lbs in the program.  I want to live a better life so I’m sticking with OA!


March 18, 2017


There are 35 eligible voting delegates present.

Treasurer’s report- We have $35,000 in the budget and are maintaining a 66% prudent reserve, which is higher than the 40 – 60% called for in the Bylaws.  This is a good thing as we are sending 4 delegates and the chair and region trustee to WSBC in April, and this will spend down the prudent reserve.  We file taxes every year but do not pay taxes.  By law, the SOAR 8 treasurer and the secretary have to be bonded.  At one time, our chair had to be bonded, but we changed the P and P because our chair is not a US citizen and cannot be bonded in this country.

Secretary’s report- Packet is completed for this conference and credentials are up to date.  On to Albuquerque!

Vice-chair-  I coordinate planning and preparation for conventions, the topic for Friday night speakers, and help with bids for upcoming conventions.  As of now, we have no bids for Spring 2018 convention.

Chair-I am translating an OA 12-Step workshop into Spanish.  I am planning the Forum for the next region assembly in Miami, coming in October.  I have prepared a marathon on sponsorship involving the Board of Trustees at WSO.  We welcomed 389 people who joined us by phone for 3 hours to discuss and to share on various topics related to sponsorship.

Trustee-  I voted on the revised edition of the OA 12 & 12.  Approved a process to de-register groups that are not following the Traditions.  Three (3) groups in New Zealand were violating the traditions and causing harm to OA as a whole.  They have been de-registered.  We are developing new guidelines for anonymity in the digital world.  The new Courier is available for health professionals and can be accessed at  Please feel free to download a copy and give to health professionals.  We have a new A Step Ahead (what is going on at WSO) available in color or in b/w for  download.

7th Tradition totals – Friday 3/17 – $525; Sat. 3/18 – $117.


March 18, 2017


There are 38 eligible voting delegates present.

Bylaws Motion 1- Change the quorum requirements in the Bylaws from 2 to 8 intergroups from states outside the state or territory where the assembly is being held.  Adopted

P & P Motion 1- Change assembly time from March and September to March/April and October/November to facilitate more flexibility in planning/preparation of conventions.  Adopted.

P & P Motion 2-Move the Tech/Web committee down the list of committees to be defunded.  Currently, Tech/Web is #2; this motion would move the committee to #5.  Adopted

P & P/Motion 3-All reimbursements for SOAR 8 expenses shall be in the form of a check.  Adopted.  This motion was fairly controversial as we have a chair and several delegates who are not US citizens and have difficulties cashing American checks in their countries’ banks.  Arrangements will be made so that they can cash their checks in the US before returning to their respective countries.

WSO Strategic Plan for 2017 – 2019 – “Keeping OA Strong Worldwide”

-WSO is creating articles for a series “Are you a piece of the puzzle?”

-Developing 12 powerpoints for Traditions workshops

-Lifeline article

*Very important!!  Please take back to your intergroups and discuss –  “How can we promote and contribute to unity?”  Please forward ideas to your region Trustee.  Sample idea- Skype in an international speaker for a meeting.

Emergency P and P motion- At least 3 of 4 board members, including the treasurer must meet the requirements and criteria for bonding.  Adopted.

We had six (6) remote attendees, including 1 from Brazil.

Please be aware that you can donate to Region 8 using Paypal or the mail-in contribution form.


Submitted by Neill M., Triangle NC SOAR representative


Report from the SOAR8 Assembly in Bogota

The SOAR8 Assembly in Bogota, Colombia recently took place in November 2014. A SOAR8 Business and Recovery Convention Report has been submitted by attendees Neill and Patrick. The event’s theme was The Golden Dream: Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Recovery. If you’d like to read the report in full, please click here to download the PDF.

If you’d like to read the report from the event assembled  by the Chair of IG Bogota, Adriana Alvarez, please click here to download the PDF.

Region 8 Chair Report for Bogota SOAR Assembly

2014: Increase Focus on Actions Required for Abstinence
Region 8 Chairman’s Report November 2014
Gloria M.



Welcome everyone to Bogota, Colombia, for our November Assembly!  Our theme is:  “Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Recovery: The Golden Dream”.  Bogota is the City of Gold and I am so happy to be returning here Thanks to our hosts, Intergroupos Bogota and Medellin and the General Service Board of Colombia (OA)! Continue reading

A Special Region 8 Appeal

Did you know that the suggested 7th Tradition split of 60/30/10 sends only 10% to Region 8? This is a special appeal for a special 7th Tradition exclusively for Region 8. In this post, a special message from our Region 8 Treasurer.

Give Five to Keep the Spirit of Medellin Alive!
Donation for Special Appeal

“The Spirit of Medellin” has come to mean the life changing experience Region 8 went through during our first International Assembly in Medellin in November 2011. It marked the beginning of the coming together of all parts of Region 8, formerly separated by sea and speech, but now separate no more. Our success at reaching out to all of Region 8 has been beyond our wildest dreams!

But Region 8 needs your help! Our donations are not keeping pace with our expenses. Donate here now Continue reading

Watch the Southeast Overeaters Anonymous Region 8 (SOAR 8) Conference via Online Video

Remote attendance of the Southeast Overeaters Anonymous Region 8 (SOAR 8) Conference is available with the aid or current computer technology. This technology can be used to videoconference as sub-committees between assemblies so that members can have the face-to-face meeting experience from wherever they may be in the Region. Another use reported by current members is that it allows for video “face to face” contacts with other OA members – some in very remote parts of the region – who otherwise are limited to phone meetings. Please download this PDF for more information on linking into the conference. Please download this PDF for more information on using Oovoo.

SOAR 8 Recovery Convention and Business Assembly

The Middle Tennessee Intergroup is hosting the March 2015 SOAR 8 Recovery Convention and Business Assembly in Nashville, TN from March 13 – 15, 2015. The deadline to register is February 10, 2015, and you can register online at (there is a surcharge added when using the online registration website) or by downloading the registration form here and following the directions as enclosed. Continue reading

News from WSO

Did you know we have podcasts on the website that talk about pamphlets in our wide array of literature? Check out these new ones!


This year at the World Service Business Conference 2014​ the Ask-it -Basket was answered by the Trustees after the conference. The answers to that Ask-It-Basket can be found in this post here. Continue reading

July 2014: SOAR 8 – Baton Rouge

The SOAR 8 Recovery Convention will be held in Baton Rouge, Louisiana on July 11-13, 2014. The convention will be held at the Embassy Suites Baton Rouge. OA needs your service at this event! There are lots of opportunities. If you would like to volunteer at the event, please click here to download the registration form.

You can register to attend the event at (Please not that a surcharge is added when using this website to register).

Want more information? Visit the SOAR8 website at and click on the links in the box called “Next Regional Assembly.” For more information on SOAR 8, please contact Aleta P. at (225) 753-2739 or Continue reading

Report from Miami’s 2012 SOAR Assembly

Friday Report from Miami’s SOAR Assembly

As always, thank you for allowing me to do this service.  —Harriette

Friday July 13, 2012

Theme of Assembly, “Recovery:  Pass It On”

40 Reps, funded chairs, visitors, and board members were present.  There were 40 eligible to vote and 2 nonvoting.

2 from Colombia,  SA

Desire of Assembly is for renewed hoped for the future of OA and to pass it on.

“Recovery: Pass it on”

1.  First thing I can do is to pass on solution we have found to a cunning,
baffling, disease.

2.  Most important thing I can do is to guard my abstinence and maintain a fit
spiritual condition.

The Strategic Operations Plan will now be Region 8 Action Plan.  There are 7 committees, 7 tasks, 7 ideas on how to implement the action plan.

Members were asked to come to the mic and give ideas on each committee’s action plan.

(I worded the following so we can see how we may perhaps use these also in the Triangle.)

I.  IG Outreach – what more can we do?
A.  Find where meetings are that are not sending reps to IG.  Attend their
business meeting and try to determine why they are not.

B.  Let the group know how attending IG has helped you and your group.

C.  Develop a phone tree and call members from non-attending groups and
encourage them to speak to their group about sending a rep and how
important it is.

II.  Concepts of Service
A.  Invite Trustee and/or Board members to come and do workshops.
B.  Go to the Region 8 website and make use of skits that are there.
C.  Hold Concept Service workshops.

III.  Unity with Diversity – addresses any personal barriers and apathy and/or
negative perceptions
A.  Get ideas out to groups and encourage groups to act on ideas.
B.  Invite members who struggle with diversity to speak and share their
C. Focus on unity and not diversity.

IV.  Ways and Means – helps groups understand why 7th traditions are
A.  Ask reps to go back to their groups and stress how being a rep has
helped them.
B.  Have 7th tradition skits at Serenity Days or Retreats.
C.  Ask board members or Trustee to come and do a workshop on why
7th tradition is important and why it is more than just putting a few
dollars in a basket.
D.   Remind members how the donations are used.

V.  Tech-web
A.  Create podcasts on web site so members can share how program
helped them.
B.  Put WSBC and other reports on web site.

VI.  12th Step Within
A.  At workshops, retreats, and at meetings encourage the identity of
Abstinent sponsors.
B.  Ask abstinent sponsors to stand.
C.  Pass list of abstinent sponsors.
D.  Post list of abstinent sponsors in Newsletter.
E.  Stress meaning of abstinence when talking about sponsorship.
F.  Ask sponsors to stand and qualify about 1 minute.
G.  Create a WE CARE book and pass around at meetings.
H.  Ask board members or Trustee to come and do workshop on

VII.  PIPO = Public Information Professional Outreach
A.  Have seminars for members doing outreach to help develop
B.  Ask everyone at IG to take information to their doctor.
C.  Teach groups how to have public information events.
D.  Have a Public Information month.
E.  Find where Health Fairs originate in our area.  Go to the original source
and see if they would allow a member/s to come and do a presentation
about program.


1.  “How can I do more to carry the message.”
2.  “If we each would just touch one other person…”
3.  “Without you what would I have?”
4.  “Stick around for you will never know when the miracle will happen.”
Saturday Morning SOAR Business Assembly
42 Voting members present
1.    Minutes from Raleigh 2012 Assembly adopted and approved
2.    Chair reports
·         Region Chair, Gloria- shared ESH and photos from her trip to Caracas, Venezuela by invitation of the National Service Board.
·         Vice Chair-Sander extended thanks to the Triangle IG for doing a wonderful job hosting the March 2012 Assembly!
·         Sander shared that flyers for local events can be posted on the Region 8 website.  They must bear the official OA logo (only if blanket permission has been granted from WSO).  These forms can be emailed to him through the region 8 contacts tab.
·         Our Treasurer, Patty, shared that Region 8 is a 5013C and individual donations to the region are tax deductible.
·         Our current Secretary, Jane and Trustee, Gerri will not be running for another term in their position as board members
·         Trustee Gerri encouraged OA members to support OA’s recovery magazine, Lifeline, in order to help it become fully self-supporting. She suggested taking old subscriptions to your doctor’s office or a health professional’s office.
3.    Additional Reports
·         Our own Triangle SOAR rep Harriette shared the Raleigh Report regarding the March 2012 SOAR assembly.
·         Pedro, from Medellin, Colombia gave a final report from the 2011 SOAR assembly in Medellin.  Pedro emphasized that the spirit of recovery during the convention overcame language barriers.  He also said that the convention in Medellin bridged the gap between the US and Latin America.

4.    Motions
·         Consent Agenda- Motion to change wording in Bylaws
Motion for Miami Business Assembly
Move to make the by-laws consistent with current practice by amending Article VII, Section 1, Part A. Page 12 as follows
Current Wording A. Region-8 shall hold regular Region-8 Recovery Convention and Business Assemblies three (3) times a year, on a rotation basis among the states, countries and territories in the Region as approved at the previous Region-8 Business Assembly.
Proposed Wording A. Region-8 shall hold regular Region-8 Recovery Convention and Business Assemblies three (3) times a year, on a rotation basis among the states, countries and territories in the Region as approved at the Region 8 Business Assembly one year previous.
To make the By-Laws consistent with current practice, which allows the hosting intergroup 12 months to prepare for the Assembly and Recovery Convention.

It was approved

·         A second motion was discussed that would amend bylaws as follows:
A. Region-8 Committee Chairman shall be nominated by said Committee and appointed by the Region-8 Board yearly at each late October early November Region-8 Business Assembly, on the following schedule:

1. Even Years: Ways & Means, Intergroup Outreach, and By-Laws/Electronic Documents

2. Odd Years: Technology/Web Site, Twelfth-Step-Within, Unity with Diversity, Public Information/Professional Outreach Committee

The intent for this motion was to stagger the 2 year terms of committee members in order to ensure the greatest possible operation stability.
This motion was approved.
·         The final motion was to amend the current years’ budget.  Region 8 currently has a prudent reserve of 80% and bylaws state that is shouldn’t exceed 60%.  The overage is due to careful spending and the “Spend 5 to keep Medellin Alive” campaign.  The motion increased the budget for our region chair to meet her mandatory responsibilities, created a reserve fund for travel in region 8, and increased this year’s annual donation to WSO by $500.
This motion did pass following much discussion and an approved friendly amendment.

5.    Following lunch, committees met to discuss their progress and make a plan of actions to take before our next assembly.  I am serving on the Unity with Diversity committee and was personally challenged to look into starting a special interest group in my area.
6.    Nominations were held for funded committee chair positions. Individuals who were not present or nominated are still welcome to apply for the positions with applications due 60 days prior to the November assembly.
7.    The Boca Raton, Florida group bid to host next summer’s July, 2013 assembly.  They sang and performed a skit for our entertainment. The group will serve as host next summer.

My trip to Miami included the very purposeful attendance at the business assembly as well as beach time, connecting with new friends in recovery, and an evening of dancing! The recovery side of the convention hosted sessions in both English and Spanish.  Our lunch time entertainment was a fashion show of items that were available at the boutique. I had the new experience of listening to our dinner speaker Pedro, from Medellin, Colombia, share completely in Spanish. His address was translated for those of us who are not fluent Spanish Speakers.  I appreciated the diversity of OA that was evident in this year’s Miami convention. Our disease affects a wide range of people from all cultural backgrounds, but we are blessed to have a solution that works for all who wish to work it!

Report submitted by Janeen T. SOAR Rep