Newsletter Needs Help

The Triangle OA Recovery News seeks submissions. Please ask if your group can sign up for any of the the following issues:

1. June (submit by 2nd Saturday of May)

*Topics: Step/Tradition/Concept 6, Willingness, Solidarity, Responsibility

2. July (submit by 2nd Saturday of June)

*Topics: Step/Tradition/Concept 7, Humility, Responsibility, Balance

3. August (submit by 2nd Saturday of July)

*Topics: Step/Tradition/Concept 8, Self-Discipline, Fellowship, Delegation

4. October (submit by 2nd Saturday of September)

*Topics: Step/Tradition/Concept 10, Perseverance, Neutrality, Clarity

5. December (submit by 2nd Saturday of November)

*Topics: Step/Tradition/Concept 12, Service, Spirituality, Selflessness

Obviously, #1 is the most urgent. Please talk to your groups. (And shout-out to Durham Sunday and Hillsborough Monday, writing for September and November, respectively.:))

Yours in recovery and service,


Newsletter Ed.