Fall 2019 SOAR Report -Neill

Fall 2019 SOAR Business Assembly

Oct. 11-13, Memphis, TN

Oct. 11, 7pm

-The chair reminded the assembly that our individual recovery was the most important business of the weekend session

-We had 2 delegates from South America, 1 from Brazil and 1 from Colombia

-This was the first SOAR assembly for our newly elected Region 8 trustee Andi S. She was elected at the 2019 WSBC in Albuquerque.

-33 voting, 4 non-voting members present

-Our Forum topic was Improving Communication across Region 8. Each delegate completed a survey related to 2-way communication. I wrote that Region 8 could best see what was going on in our Intergroup by accessing our website and reading our monthly newsletter. Regarding what is happening at Region 8, the region representatives are the first line of information. However, everyone can receive updates from SOAR via the ALLSOAR8@oaregion8.org email simply by signing up on the website.

At 8:30pm, the business and recovery conventions combined for a Welcome by the Memphis IG. They presented an R&B skit entitled “Sugarfreak” using the song “Superfreak” by Rick James.

We had three speakers sharing their experience, strength and hope. Some of the things I heard were: “I ate sugar until my fingertips were numb”. “I was willing to give up my eyes and my limbs to sugar.” “I need service to stay connected to the OA program.”

Oct. 12


-Assembly reconvened. We had 38 voting members, including several virtual attendees who were voting.

-vice chair reported that the Region needs groups or IGs to host assemblies. There is a very detailed hosting manual available. Also the vice-chair is specifically tasked with assisting groups to plan and to host assemblies.

-the treasurer reported that the IGOR (Intergroup Outreach) funding of $4500 is not being utilized. This money is to send representatives to SOAR from IGs that cannot afford this expense. Also, the Carry the Message fund from IGOR is also available to send leaders to workshops and retreats around the region.

-the secretary reported that we have 42% representation at the assembly today. This is a fairly good precentage and includes in-person and virtual representatives.

-the trustee reported that the cost of the newcomer packets has been reduced. WSO has a presence on Instagram. WSO is also seeking young people to do recovery podcasts. The 60th anniversary WSO recovery convention is in Orlando in Aug. Registration begins in Jan.!

-a Vision For You meetings, HOW meetings, and virtual and non-real time meetings are all registered with OA and are all viable recovery options for individuals

10:30am – 11:45am

Standing committee meetings

TSW objectives:

1)Increase sign-ups for TSW resource lists

2)elect new committee chair

3)elect new Nite Owl and Relapse mentor chairs

4)perform new recovery skit

-All objectives accomplished


-38 voting

-Motions A, B, 1, and C adopted. Motion A removed Unity with Diversity as a standing committee for Region 8 P and P. Motion B added Unity with Diversity as a subcommittee of the TSW committee in P and P. Motion 1 removed Unity with Diversity as a standing committee in the Bylaws. Motion C changes “chairman” to “chair”, making the P and P more inclusive. This is consistent with changes made at WSBC.

3pm- I gave a workshop on Sponsorship for 50 minutes as part of the recovery convention


-our chair Katrina was re-elected for another 2-year term.

-our interim treasurer Michelle was elected treasurer for a 2-year term.

We had 4 applications for 3 proposed fully-funded 2020 WSBC representatives for Region 8. After considerable discussion and debate, the assembly decided to fund all 4 delegates up to $1130 each. This is with the understanding that the individuals will handle anyl additiona costs after the $1130 has been spent.

-The Middle Tennessee Intergroup won the bid for the 2020 Fall SOAR assembly to be held in Nashville, TN Oct. 9-11, 2020

-the assembly had to be extended past 5:30pm for debate and was recessed just before 6pm

This is my last assembly as a Triangle IG SOAR representative for now. This is the end of my second 2-year term, and I do believe in rotation of service. Thank you for allowing me to give this service!

Respectfully submitted by Neill McCormick