Notes from the IG Chairs Breakfast Meeting in Little Rock, AR

MARCH 23, 2014



Rosemary B – Baton Rouge
Margaret T – Central Arkansas
Breanne J – Central Midlands
Bonne V – Palm Beach
Antonieta D – Esperanza Venezuela
Nancy T – Central Florida
Lynn P – Suncoast
Barb R – Central Florida
Marilyn T – Manasota
Zee D – North Florida
Viviana G – Esperanza Venezuela
Azikwe K – Miami Dade
Rachel F – Memphis
Pat L – Suncoast
Jason J – Pinellas Traditions

Antonieta:  Esperanza is a new IG with 5 meetings; monthly workshops on abstinence, sponsorship, etc at varying locations.

Rosemary:  preparing for July SOAR 8 has promoted good participation from the various meetings , developing annual calendar for workshops sponsored by various groups

Breanna:  great place for recovery; considering bidding for an upcoming SOAR 8

Lynn:  strong recovery in the groups; IG provides quarterly workshops

Marilyn:  just had relapse and recovery workshop; updating the IG P&P, working on getting reps from all groups to attend the IG meetings

Zee:  benefited from meeting with IG sponsor; IG varies its meeting location; provides Lifeline subscriptions for local meetings.

Azikwe:  have a recovery meeting after each IG meeting; maintain a Sponsor list;  host 6 annual special events; have meetings every day but Tuesday – many Spanish meetings; looking for ways to get more people involved in IG.

Viviana:  very important for the Colombians to attend SOAR 8; they are giving the same importance to IG service as to Region service; the NSB requested help from the Region for their assembly; members attend a virtual Spanish meeting with CFI members; Caracas has a new LGBT meeting; the UWD committee will help to develop special focus meetings.

Rachel:  celebrated Unity Day; they have many activities; IG follows different local meetings.

Jason: PTI has monthly workshops; there is a strong IG presence; there is a need to encourage service by making it attractive to the local meetings.

Barb:  CFI has an annual Fall Retreat, participates in planning the annual Florida State Convention; before the new year, they have a “words to live by” meeting where each person draws a word/quality to work on for the coming year;  they have a Green Dot program for IG reps; the check with groups who don’t send a rep to the IG; the monthly newsletter is emailed to all members; they have removed members’ phone numbers from the IG website; they need one more meeting to qualify for 5 Region reps.

Nancy:  they have a Lifeline drawing at every IG meeting to give to a doctor’s office; the monthly newsletter features an article on one of the Steps.

Bonnie:  they have many groups and IG is well attended; they host bi-monthly workshops; the newsletter includes an article on a Step; they need more special focus meetings;  they give copies of OA literature to local public libraries.

Margaret:  hosting SOAR 8 has been a wonderful experience for their IG; they have four meetings a week; they recently found out that their IG began in 1971.

Pat: for their PIPO efforts, the IG is reaching out to healthcare professionals, providing them with literature for them as professionals and literature for their patients;  the IG provides OA business cards “Is food a problem for you?”, with local contact information for any OA member to distribute;