Newsletters from Other OA Integroups

After returning from the World Service Business Conference in Albuquerque, NM, many newsletters from other OA fellowships were shared at the Triangle OA Integroup Meeting in May 2014. Below, we’ve collected a few of these newsletters to share with you.

Central Jersey Integroup of Overeaters Anonymous

Today: March/April 2006


Central New Mexico Integroup of Overeaters Anonymous

Central New Mexico Intergroup Newsletter: January 2007

CentralNewMexicoNL_Jan2007_01 CentralNewMexicoNL_Jan2007_02 CentralNewMexicoNL_Jan2007_03 CentralNewMexicoNL_Jan2007_04

Central New Mexico Intergroup Newsletter: April 2014

CentralNewMexicoNL_Apr2014_01CentralNewMexicoNL_Apr2014_02 CentralNewMexicoNL_Apr2014_03CentralNewMexicoNL_Apr2014_04

Oregon Integroup of Overeaters Anonymous

A Serving of Hope: October 2013

A Serving of Hope_Oct2013_01A Serving of Hope_Oct2013_02A Serving of Hope_Oct2013_03A Serving of Hope_Oct2013_04

A Serving of Hope: February 2014

A Serving of Hope_Feb2014_01 A Serving of Hope_Feb2014_02 A Serving of Hope_Feb2014_03 A Serving of Hope_Feb2014_04

South Bay Integroup of Overeaters Anonymous

Free Flight: May 2014