June Triangle Intergroup Meeting Minutes

In this post, you will find a copy of the June Triangle OA Intergroup Meeting Minutes.

Minutes from Triangle Intergroup Meeting  6/21/14

Atiya-Chair; Alma-Secretary; Scott-Treasurer; Patrick-SOAR; Cheryl-Retreat Registrar; Ann-Group Outreach Chair; Rita-Co Newsletter Editor; Esther-Audio Library Chair; Jackie-PIPO; Jan- 12 Step Within Chair; Alice-Monday Raleigh Rep; Bert-Wednesday Fuquay Varina Rep; Mary Anne-Thursday Chapel Hill Rep; Sid-Monday Cary Rep; Diane-Monday Hillsborough Rep Sub; Greg-Sunday Durham Rep; Margaret-Wednesday Wilmington Rep; Debbie-Wednesday Garner Rep; Chris-Visitor

Minutes from last meeting accepted.

Treasurer’s report accepted.

7th Tradition- $48.32

Standing Committee Reports

WSOD (Jim-Absent)-  Atiya referenced a service opportunity with WSO listed in the July Newsletter after the minutes. She also recently sent out an email to IG members with a link to WSO podcasts and reminded us that those, along with a wealth of other information for both individuals and groups, can be found at www.oa.org

Hi Tech (Jeannette-Absent/Alice-Temp)- Our website www.triangleoa.org has a new host.  Changes are now visible on the website in both appearance and content.  There is now a “Contact Us Form” available if a member of the public would like to reach out to us and at least one person already has!

Group Outreach (Ann)-If you are a group that needs support or if you know of such a group please email Ann at groupoutreach@triangleoa.org  She will be visiting a new meeting in Wade NC on July 17th.

Co Newsletter Editors (Rita-Present/Lauren-Absent- Rita-Distribution)- Rita requested content for the September Newsletter on Step/Tradition/Concept  9. Any individual member or group can submit content for the newsletter at any time.  Submissions can be on a subject other than the step for that month. Email your writing to newsletter@triangleoa.org

Retreat Chair/Retreat Registrar- (Natalie-Absent/Cheryl-Present) A retreat is not currently being planned for the fall.  Atiya requested that we consider hosting the SOAR convention again in 2016.  If you are interested in giving service to either project please contact a member of IG.

SOAR (Neill-Absent/Patrick-Present)- Patrick requested members to bring him any old newsletters that they are willing to donate.  He will take them to the SOAR 8 convention in Baton Rouge in July to help inspire other newsletter editors.

PIPO (Jackie)- Jackie brought copies of OA pamphlets for members to pass out to various doctor offices or other establishments that would agree to make them available. She will speak to Scott about the budget available for her to purchase more literature.

Ad Hoc Committees

Audio Library (Esther)- Esther bought some CD mailers so that members could return borrowed CDs from outside of the local area.  There was a group discussion about using part of the Audio Library’s budget to purchase new CDs.  It was decided that the Audio Library is very full and not in need of new material at this time.

12 Step Within (Jan-Present/Valerie-Absent)- Jan is busy organizing the Recovery From Relapse Serenity Day on Saturday September 27th. She is contacting perspective speakers and will talk with Scott about her budget for the event.

By-Laws Review (Jim-Absent/Alice-Present)- No Report

Ongoing Business

Privacy concerns about phone numbers included in the newsletter being available online- No Report

Researching different electronic methods for Intergroup to receive contributions from individual meeting- No Report

Lunch & Learn 2014-2015- Atiya has contacted an individual who said they would organize these events and has not heard back from them yet.

Retreat Checking Account- Cheryl met with Jim and they are both now listed on the main account and on the checking account.  This matter has been resolved.

Gratitude Luncheon-This event will be held on Saturday September 6th in Durham at 12:30pm. Patrick is working on the details for a flier. Volunteers were requested to help him with this event.

New Business

New Meeting in Wade NC- There was a beautiful brochure presented with information about this meeting.  More information on location and time is listed on the back of the newsletter. Everyone is invited to support this new meeting.

No Current Meeting Contact Info- Two meetings in Fayetteville do not have current/accurate contact information.  Ann the Group Outreach Chair said she would work on getting new contacts and phone numbers.