Love & Kindness Retreat in Batesburg, SC

The Central Midlands Intergroup presents the Local and Kindness Retreat being held from December 12-14, 2014 in Batesburg, SC. Topics covered at the retreat will include body image, relationships, meditation and more.

Retreat registration includes all activities and 5 meals (Friday dinner, 3 on Saturday and Sunday breakfast). This is a recovery retreat, so all individuals in a 12-step program are welcome.

$60 per person – early bird discount by August 31, 2014
$80 per person – registration September 1 – October 31, 2014
$100 per person – late registration November 1 – December 5, 2014

Want more information? Download the flier and registration form here.

You can also contact DJ at (preferred) or (803) 772-7999 with any questions or concerns.

AOISOLK? – Anonymous Overeater in search of Loving Kindness?  We have got the Retreat for you!
Sign up today for the First Annual Recovery Retreat that can’t be beat!

Communication is 55% body language, 38% delivery, and only 7% words.  We choose our words so carefully but do we watch the tone or the body language.  Many of us are not in the habit of showing love and kindness to others, and even when we want to be loving & kind, we can fail because we lack the skills of communication.

Yoga is an ancient form of meditation.  This might be the single best activity that contributes to all three components of our recovery.  Through the practice of yoga, we enjoy physical recovery, emotional recovery, and spiritual recovery. 

Emotional Recovery includes finding authenticity.  Join our Fashion Show Dinner where everyone is invited to wear the thing that makes them feel their very best and most authentic.  Learning to be comfortable in our own skin with our own style is quite a feat. 

Spiritual Recovery is a leg of our recovery stool that must always be attended.  Daily, we find we often need to do something towards our physical, emotional, and spiritual recovery in order to show our love to ourselves, HP, and each other.  There are a many ways to meditate.  It’s been heard in the rooms – “Here’s how you meditate – sit down and shut up.” 

Physical Recovery is often what brings us in the rooms and then the real fun begins.  Learning to love our bodies is traumatic for many of us but with the help of our Higher Power and a little humility and gratitude, we learn to at least face our bodies.  We will learn to love our bodies a little more today than yesterday.  We will hear about how body image is established, affected, and enforced, and how, one day at a time, with our Higher Power, we can overcome the damage we have done to ourselves.

Writing is a tool that assists us in our recovery.  Design your journal for the weekend and be inspired to record all of the significant and silly, the love and the kindness.

Saturday night after the Fashion Show and while we are still in our most authentic outfits, join the Dance Party.  Good music, good times, and room for dancing. 

Make new friends and keep the old. 

Where can you enjoy all this, two nights, 5 meals, and more for less than $100?  At the CMI OA Recovery Retreat Dec. 12-14 but only if you sign up before August  31st!