August 2014 Triangle OA Intergroup Meeting Notes

16 Aug 14 August Intergroup Meeting
Wilmington, NC
Attendees: Atiya Chair, Jim K WSBCD, Scott Treasurer, Rita Newsletter Distribution, Bert F/V rep , Rita Wil (Visitor), Natalie Retreat Chari, Jackie Wil. (Visitor), Alice Mon Raleigh, Mickelle Sat Morn Ral, Rebeca Vice Chair, Patrick SOAR Rep, Nichole, Lisa C Wil. (Visitor), Nicole L. Carrboro Rep, Mary Anne Chapel Hill Thur Rep, Cheryl Retreat Registra, Margaret Wil Wed Rep, Ann Hillsboro Wed night Rep and Group Outreach, Matt visitor, Rita Newsletter Distribution and Wed Durham Lunch bunch, Neill SOAR Rep, Ester Library,

– Call to order
– Serenity Prayer
– Introductions
– 12 Steps, Traditions 8 and 3 and Concept 8
– Responsibility Pledge
– Buddy Basket
– Minutes from July Meeting – accepted as submitted
– Treasure’s Report Aug – Accepted as submitted
– Standing Committee
– WSO – OA related email lists are now listed on the, so you can find and join a group that emails about OA related topics
– SOAR – The prudent reserve is lower than is is supposed to be, please remind your groups and the treasures about donating to help support SOAR and OA as a whole. Motion 5 was about attending the SOAR meeting with a “virtual presence” including voting. This was moved to committee.
— Gratitude luncheon Sept 6th in Durham, NC. Flyer is in the newsletter. Remember bring your lunch and join for 3 hours.
— Reminder about Lifeline subscriptions, they are trying to get 10,000 subscriptions in 2014!
– Hi-Tech – Webmaster is in Singapore, and she is continuing to do service. If you need anything send her the request via email. We are seeking a local person that would be backup to learn and monitor what is going on with the website.
– Group Outreach – Ann Took a trip with a group to Wade, NC, and it was good. If you know of a meeting that needs a visit please let Anne know.
– Newsletter – Rita shared about how good it is working with as a team to get the newsletter done. Sept’s was brought to the meeting.
– PIPO – Mickelle We are registered for the state employee health fair. They are trying to mimic the booth we used before. Posters have been ordered for home groups. Public Info planning calendar was found and Michel is trying to follow this through Dec.
– Retreat Chair – Natalie – There were 43 people at Topsail. Alice acted as a mentor and Cheryl was the Registrar. The contract was redone and it worked for both parties. The rooms for break out rooms were small and some groups were over subscribed. This should be addressed in the future. Financially we lost money, but it was great recovery. Discovered a beautiful spirt of caring service.
– NEW Retreat Chair Cheryln submitted a report via Neill – She has some questions about the Intergroup expectations and budgeting for 2015 both a spring and fall event. She also needs to get her name on the checking account. Also about the money, who makes decisions about spending, IG or Retreat Committee? And if there is leftover money from one expense can they use it towards other expenses. She is putting a team together and would welcome anyone that wants to join.
SPRING 2015 location is AVILA Center in DURHAM, NC. FRIDAY 24 Apr 3PM – Sunday 26 Apr 2015 noon. Cost is $155 / person. 5 meals provided. This was taken after considering 20 sites. The contract needs to signed and a $500 deposit are due this month. There is just over $1200 in the retreat checking account, so the deposit is covered.
– Library – Ester – This was taken to Wade, NC by the Group Outreach. She has not gotten any back yet. She has the media library here.
– 12 Step Within – there is information in the Relapse Recovery Day, Sep 27th.
– By-Law Review – Next meeting is set for 25 Aug.
– 7th Tradition – $43.00
– Continuing Business
– First two tabled until Sep
– Lunch and Learn – If people that want to help, would you please see Alice after this meeting to firm up the plan.
– Gratitude Lunch – Patrick. The hotel is offering a rate of $89 if they want to stay the night prior. 06 Sept 12:30 in Durham. You bring your lunch and attend. Scheduled for 3 hours.
– Wellness Event 20th – Bert showed proposal of banner. Need more volunteers, especially between 2 – 4 PM 20 Aug. Between 9 – 4 at the State Fair grounds in the Jim Graham building. Great service outreach. Contact Mickelle 919 633 7981,
– Last items is tabled.
New Business
– We are in need of a new secretary. Cheryl volunteered to serve and was appointed.
– Banner for OA IG. Design was approved.
– Point of Order was raised, As per section a Board member cannot be appointed.
Section 7. Vacancies.

Should a vacancy, resignation or removal occur in any standing committee, all pertinent information shall be turned over to the Intergroup chairman. The chairman shall then appoint a new committee chairman to serve the remainder of the unexpired term.

Election was held and Cheryl was elected to server out the term of Secertary.
– Request – can we get a meeting started in Wake Forest?