September 2014 Triangle OA Intergroup Meeting Notes

Saturday, 9/20/14 Intergroup Minutes
Raleigh NC

Attendees: Atiya Chair, Jim K WSBCD, Scott Treasurer, Rita Newsletter Distribution, Imogene Retreat Registrar, Alice Mon Raleigh/By-Laws, Mickelle Sat Morn Ral/PIPO, Rebecca Vice Chair, Sherylyn Retreat Chair, Mary Anne Chapel Hill Thurs 7pm Rep, Cheryl Secretary, Neill SOAR Rep, Esther Library, Lauren Durham – T/Th 12:30 Rep, Sid Cary Mon, Elizabeth Tues Chapel Hill, Linda Mon Hillsborough, Jan 12 Steps Within, Debbie Garner Wed

– Call to order
– Serenity Prayer
– Introductions
– 12 Steps, Traditions 9 and 3 and Concept 9
– Responsibility Pledge
– Buddy Basket
– Minutes from August Meeting – Accepted as submitted
– Treasurer’s Report September – Accepted as submitted
– Standing Committee
– WSO – Next conference is the first week of May 2015. Jim said at WSO it was encouraged to reach out to groups in our region that are not part of IG. Atiya suggested adding to Policy and Procedures – perhaps Group Outreach position
– SOAR – Neill made plane reservations and conference registration for Nov conference
– Hi Tech – Webmaster lives out of the country. Atiya reported redeveloping newsletter distribution list so it can be distributed electronically again. Once updated – members can rejoin to receive electronically. Also, new IG reps are asked to provide their group name they are representing, email address and the rep they are replacing and send to
– Group Outreach – Rep not present
– Newsletter – Rita delivered Oct Newsletters. Chapel Hill Thurs committed to write for Nov and Cary Monday for Dec. Lauren also asks for any writings members would like to write on ie: tools, sponsorships, etc.
Finally, Lauren noted that all contact information for meetings, etc are on the back page so it can be torn off of the newsletter and handed out as needed – protects anonymity.
– PIPO – Mikelle stated that state employee health fair went great. Need to order more supplies as a lot was given out at the health fair. Posters have been ordered for home groups to distribute.

– Retreat Chair – Sherylyn appreciates the help and service opportunity. Has a Registration form draft in place and requested feedback about the form. The focus of the Spring retreat will be The Twelve Steps. Imogene was voted in as Registrar. Cheryl provided that Imogene was added to the checking account earlier this month due to a logistical need.

Location is AVILA Center in DURHAM, NC. FRIDAY 24 Apr – Sunday 26 Apr 2015. Cost is approx. $150/person. (We discussed that this statement may confuse participants who are seeing something different on registration form). 5 meals provided.
Balance in checkbook on Aug 23, 2014 when Sherylyn & Imogene were put on account as registrar & co-ordinator was $1260.19 with $100.00 outstanding.

$5,250.00 Cost per person based on 35 attendees @ 150.00
$500.00 speaker fees
$500.00 supplies
$6,250.00 total retreat cost for 35 attendees
So, $178.00 cost per person @ 35 people = $6,250.00
All $ based double occupancy
If more than 35 people come excess money’s will go to $500.00 scholarships (as available) & replenish prudent reserve
We planned cost based upon 35 attendees. If we fill all rooms, anything above the $150 per room ($28 for double occupancy) will be above and beyond our expenses. 28 X 17 rooms is $476.
52 total rooms
17 rooms x $28.00 = $478.00 to replenish prudent reserve

Has committee in place – areas are Service, Welcome, Decorations, Speaker Liaison, Activities and Fundraising

Registration will be available beginning Oct 1, 2014 via hard-copy and Event Brite. Event Brite charges a fee to the attendee so mail in registration will still be available. Sherylyn has a PO Box that registrations will be mailed to.

Sherylyn asked what the purpose of the Retreat was – spreading the OA message or fundraiser for IG.

Cheryl said that The cost per person has almost doubled – in the past it was approx. $85.. Sherylyn said that this price is no longer an option and that last years retreat cost for room & meals was $140.00 per person and early bird participants were charged $170.00 each. This years retreat cost is in line with last years cost and other retreats in Region 8. Participant cost for early bird registration this year is $178.

IG discussed that the purpose of the retreat is to spread the OA message. However, for a long time it was a funding source. Sherylyn requested that the Retreat team be permitted to raise funds for the IG retreat account and to replenish prudent reserve through the retreat teams fundraising activities.

Sherylyn was encouraged by IG to move forward with fundraising. Sherylyn stated that she and the retreat team had ideas for fundraising. She has obtained fundraising guidelines from and has spoken to SOAR leadership concerning fundraising in OA.

As last retreat’s registrar and treasurer, Cheryl suggested that the scholarships be maxed out at $50 per scholarship versus 50% of cost due to higher cost.

Also, informed the committee that in the past, the WSO, SOAR and IGs in surrounding states are sent our retreat registration form. Sherylyn said that she would send out registration form to SOAR, WSO and IG in area and that a registration form would be in the upcoming newsletter.

– Library – Esther – Library is functioning. Items checked out.
– 12 Step Within – the Relapse Recovery Day is next weekend Sep 27th. Info is in newsletter


– Neill provided that Tues Raleigh Meeting on 10/14 will be on sponsorship. All details in newsletter.
– 7th Tradition – $44.00


– By-Law Review – Alice and Jim – updates are in compliance with WSO/SOAR – updated gender specifics and consolidated material so it is not repeating. Also created table of contents. Cheryl suggested 1 year abstinence requirement for Retreat Chair and Registrar since Registrar manages checkbook. We will vote on the By-Laws updates in October meeting.
– Gratitude Lunch – Alice – attendance – approx. 50 – cost was $125 – 7th Tradition – $47. Lots of service and fun. Had Mindful Meditation – next time try to find a way to make quieter as noisy as others arriving at event. Logistics – storing food if not eating right away. Balance of activities. Quotes from literature were put together.
Someone shared positive impact on home group. Someone from home group attended and brought back information. Current meetings are addressing topics provided by the luncheon. Great worthwhile event.
– Rest tabled until October


– Cary Group is hosting Serenity Day/Speakers on November 22 from 1-3:30 pm at Greenwood Forest Church, 110 SE Maynard. $5 suggested donation/raffle. Asked to include IG logo – if IG logo then IG event and the 7th tradition would go to IG. Suggested they not put logo on and submit to Newsletter and Website to post. Can do this without using IG logo.

– Request – can we get a meeting started in Wake Forest?