A Special Region 8 Appeal

Did you know that the suggested 7th Tradition split of 60/30/10 sends only 10% to Region 8? This is a special appeal for a special 7th Tradition exclusively for Region 8. In this post, a special message from our Region 8 Treasurer.

Give Five to Keep the Spirit of Medellin Alive!
Donation for Special Appeal

“The Spirit of Medellin” has come to mean the life changing experience Region 8 went through during our first International Assembly in Medellin in November 2011. It marked the beginning of the coming together of all parts of Region 8, formerly separated by sea and speech, but now separate no more. Our success at reaching out to all of Region 8 has been beyond our wildest dreams!

But Region 8 needs your help! Our donations are not keeping pace with our expenses. Donate here now

We are now serving more and more of our Region, as we are blessed to do, but the price of that important service is increased travel costs. For Fiscal Year 11/1/2014 -10/31/2015 the Assembly decided that our Board and 7 funded committee chairs will travel to Bogota Colombia, Nashville TN, and a third location to be decided during the Bogota assembly.

Region 8 is the only Region to fully fund its committee chairs. Region 8 also funds delegates to the WSBC in Albuquerque NM and several Region reps to our Assemblies. With the current gas prices and ever rising airfares, increasing costs for luggage that used to be part of the airfare, and especially international travel costs, our expenses this fiscal year are a serious challenge. Our spending is not frivolous or excessive. Our spending is in line with our primary purpose and obligation always to extend the heart and hand of OA. That costs more in Region 8; geographically, a very large Region.

Ways & Means and the Treasurer are therefore asking for help. Please print the attached Special appeal request. Ask your groups and intergroups if they are supporting Region 8 and if there is anything extra that can be sent, perhaps a special workshop or retreat can be designated for Region 8 specifically. The Region 8 board is willing to bring service, traditions, and abstinence workshops to your area. Travel expenses, again, are a challenge but all opportunities will be considered.

Please print the flyer at this link, and take it to your meetings and intergroup. (Download a version of this flyer in Spanish here.)

Region 8 continues to carry the message; help us help those still suffering inside and outside our rooms.


Tradition 7 states that:
Every OA group ought to be fully self-supporting, declining outside contributions.
For 7th Tradition Contributions to Region 8, click on or copy and paste:
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