October 2014 Triangle OA Intergroup Meeting Notes

Saturday, 10/18/14 Intergroup Minutes

Attendees: Atiya-Chair; Scott-Treasurer; Rita-Newsletter Distribution; Alice-Bylaws/Mon. Raleigh; Mickelle-Sat Morn. Ral/PIPO; Rebecca Vice Chair; Mary Anne-Chapel Hill Thurs; Neill-SOAR Rep; Esther-Library; Lauren-Newsletter/Durham t/th; Patrick-SOAR; Linda- Mon Hillsborough; Nicole-Carrboro Sun; Halley-Structure House; Debbie-Garner Wed; Sid-Cary Mon; Elizabeth-Chapel Hill Tues; Jan-12 step within.

Treasurers Report

There was $97 income from Relapse Recovery event; income is 3400 less than expected and expenses were 1000 less than expected.

Committee Reports

–  WSO Atiya is on the WSO PIPO committee. Nominations in November and voting in December for WSO rep. (needs 2 yr abstinence) Brown Book 3rd ed. is available. Recurring contributions to WSO is a way to give back!

–  SOAR Patrick & Neill are prepared for Bogota Nov. 14-16.  Neill says the Southeastern region conference in March in Nashville TN is also a recovery workshop. Also meeting in New Orleans in July.

–  Hi-tech Alice compiled list for each local group and emails will be sent to verify accuracy of contacts. This will be done in time for Bylaws to be sent out for the vote. There are new meetings not currently on list.

–  Group Outreach absent

–  Newsletter Lauren asked if we want to include writings on topics beyond 12 stps/trad/concepts? TBD and the meeting lists will stay in newsletter. Ral. Mon to write for Jan.

–  PIPO   Mickelle passed on banner to Atiya. Ordered supplies and provided poster packets to be passed out next month; Scott has the stamp for phone contact info. Mickelle asked for help to update recorded phone info for Triangle OA.

–  Retreat absent. Atiya encouraged people to register with written version as online registration has fees.

–   Library Esther says library is available at IG meetings and some CD’s are still outstanding.

–  12 Step Within Jan reported Relapse Recovery day went well with over 30 attendees.


–    New 3rd edition of Brown Book available with updated “Our Invitation.”

–   Sponsorship meetings at Ral. Monday 7:30- 8:30 Nov. 3, 10, and 17.

–   7th Trad. was $45.00 with second one for SOAR of $36.00.

Continuing Business

–    Pay Pal service for 7th trad donations was discussed.

–    Atiya stated NC Recovery Convention in 2017 will be first annual state convention.

–   By-Law Review by Alice: First determine meeting contact updates to send out bylaws for review. They will send out updated bylaws for 20 days to groups before voting takes place.  Reviewed updates and changes; one person can only vote as rep for 1 group. A person can collect information for 2 groups but has only one vote. Big changes to amendments regarding dissolution of IG; Discussed and voted that Chair AND Vice Chair need 1 year of abstinence and Secretary to have 6 months

New Business

Discussed where to go for free checking for group treasurers. BB&T was suggested. EIC number information available on website.