November 2014 Triangle OA Intergroup Meeting Notes

Saturday, 11/15/14 Intergroup Minutes
Raleigh NC

Attendees: Atiya, Chair, Jim K WSBCD, Scott Treasurer, Rita Newsletter Distribution/Durham Sat 10 am, Alice Mon Raleigh/By-Laws, Rebecca Vice Chair, Cheryl Secretary, Lauren Durham T/Th 12:30 Rep/Newsletter Editor, Jan 12 Steps Within, Debbie Garner Wed, Margaret – Wilmington Wed, Kate – Chapel Hill Tues, Janeen – Raleigh Thursday, Halley – Structure House

– Call to order
– Serenity Prayer
– Introductions
– 12 Steps, Traditions 11 and 3 and Concept 11
– Responsibility Pledge
– Buddy Basket
– Minutes from October Meeting – accepted as submitted??
– Treasurer’s Report October – Accepted as submitted – 2015 Treasurer’s Budget – adjusted WSO expenses for 1 rep and made $100 adjustment; adjusting SOAR funds – not sure of amount

Standing Committee
– WSO – Next conference is the first week of May 2015.

– SOAR – Neill and Patrick at SOAR conference in Bogota, Columbia

– Hi Tech – Webmaster lives out of the country.

– Group Outreach – Rep not present

– Newsletter – Rita delivered Nov Newsletters.

– PIPO – Mikelle absent

– Retreat Chair – Sherylyn absent

– Library – Esther absent

– 12 Step Within – Jan – nothing to report, asked for 2015 Lunch and Learn series to be added to 12 Step Within – group voted in favor to add

– At last meeting, there was a special appeal for SOAR.
– Jan said there was leftover bottled water from last Serenity day. It was suggested to donate to the 11/22 Cary Serenity Day. Jan was going to try to connect with Cary rep.
– Buddy Basket – suggestion that calls be within 24 hour or by next the next IG meeting – easy does it!
– 7th Tradition – $41.00

– By-Law Review – Alice and Jim – Alice will email out By-laws. Updated by-laws need to be voted on at December meeting. Process – asking that each group has an IG contact. Propose communicating with group IG contact be put under Group Outreach. Also, Board fill-in on committee positions until they are filled.

– Privacy Concerns – Atiya contacted Mike. Alice stated we voted to hide names and phone in newsletters up until we made the privacy concern announcements. We are not trying to hide contact info after that date. Per Mike, the first newsletter with the privacy warning was April 2012.

– Paypal – IG would have to file as a non-profit 501C to get reduced rate. Jim will email out the costs/rates after meeting. Will look at more after the retreat. Not enough need to justify setting up.

– NC Convention – Atiya – planned for 2017 – year selected only – no other action taken
– Nominations
CHAIR – Rebecca, Neill, Patrick, Mary Ann, Scott
VICE CHAIR – Lauren, Rebecca, Jan, Rita, Halley, Mikelle, Jim K
WSO – Rebecca, Jim K, Margaret, Rita, Mike P
SOAR – Patrick, Lauren, Debbie, Chris A, Imogene, Neill
TREASURER – Scott, Rita, Jan, Margaret
SECRETARY – Cheryl, Margaret, Rita, Mikelle
HI-TECH – Jeannette, Keith M, Halley, Rebecca, Janeen
GROUP OUTREACH – Mikelle, Janeen, Alicia, Jodi S, Juli Ann, Hope
NEWSLETTER – Lauren, Rita, Halley, Kim, Patrick
PIPO – Bert, Louise, Kathy T, Mikelle, Scott, Harriette
AUDIO LIBRARY – Esther, Jan, Rita, Margaret
12 STEP WITHIN – Cheryl, Janeen, Jo Ann (Wed AM)
PARLIMENTARIAN – Rebecca, Jim K, Robin A, Lelani