Young Persons in OA

Young Persons In OA

You may have found this page because you are a young person concerned about your behavior around food or you are an OA member seeking ways to reach out to young people interested in OA. If you have a problem with compulsive eating, you are welcome to seek help in OA.

Since 1960, compulsive eaters have found a solution through OA. OA meetings are held worldwide. Find a meeting in the Triangle Area here, or go to the Find a Meeting page on the WSO website to search for face to face meetings in your local area. Anyone under the legal age should be accompanied by a responsible adult. Go to the Telephone Meetings page to search for telephone meetings. For internet safety purposes, we discourage teen attendance at online meetings.

To the Teen

If you have a problem with food, give yourself the following quick quiz. Be honest — you’re doing this for YOU!

Do you have a problem with food?

1. Do your eating habits change depending on your feelings?
2. Are you unhappy or frustrated with your eating or body size, or with your attempts to control them?
3. Do you sometimes feel you can’t stop eating even though you want to?
4. Do you often eat more than most people do at a meal or throughout the day?
5. Do you eat large amounts of food even when you’re not physically hungry?
6. Do you eat normally in front of others, but eat excessively when you’re alone?
7. Do you spend a lot of time thinking about your body size?
8. Do you try to control your body size by fasting, purging or exercising for long hours?
9. Do your eating habits, body size or feelings of shame about how you look limit your social life?
10. Do you avoid physical activities because of how you feel about your body?
11. Do you lie about how much you eat or don’t eat?
12. Do you sometimes sneak food or steal money to buy it?
13. Do you wish people wouldn’t comment about your body size or eating habits?
14. Have you been told that you really ought to eat more?

If your answer to many of these questions is yes, you’re not alone. Many people, including the young, suffer from the disease of compulsive (out-of-control) eating. The symptoms range from overeating to bulimia or anorexia. Whether you call the problem a food disorder or a disease, the good news is that there is a solution.

Letter to Teens Looking for OA

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To the Teen

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Reaching Out to Young People

If you are an OA member seeking information about reaching out to young people, please email the WSO. The following resources might also be helpful:

Start a Teen Meeting

Suggested Young Person’s Meeting Format