Service Opportunities

Nominations for IG service positions are taken each November and elections are held in December for the following year. Please check back for ongoing service opportunities!

Your Intergroup Board consists of:

  • Chair: Responsible for setting the agenda for, and presiding over, all IG meetings; serves as WSO and SOAR representative. Requires one (1) year of current and continuous abstinence.
  • Vice-Chair: Serves in the absence of the Chair. Requires six (6) months of current and continuous abstinence.
  • Secretary: Keeps minutes of all IG meetings; sends notices of upcoming IG meetings; keeps WSO informed of all changes to group contacts, locations, and other information.
  • Treasurer: Maintains checking and savings accounts for the IG; submits financial reports at monthly IG meetings; prepares and presents an annual budget. Requires one (1) year of current and continuous abstinence.
  • WSO Delegate: Attends and reports on WSO Conferences. Requires two (2) years of current and continuous abstinence. The Delegate has been attending Triangle Intergroup meetings, including as a visitor, for the past six (6) months and has served at the group or Intergroup level.
  • SOAR Representative(s): Attends all region assembly meetings. Requires one (1) year of current and continuous abstinence.

Unless otherwise noted in the position descriptions, IG Board members must meet the following requirements:

  • have been working the 12 Steps for one (1) year or more;
  • have familiarity with the 12 Traditions;
  • have six (6) months current and continuous abstinence;
  • have one (1) year or longer as an active OA member;
  • have past service as an IG rep of Triangle Intergroup or another OA Intergroup.


The following committees have an OA member or members who is/are willing to serve as chair or co-chairs, as well as dedicated members of these committees:

  • Retreat Chair: With the help of a Retreat Committee, locates upcoming retreat locations, plans fall and spring retreats for OA members, registers and plans retreat activities.
  • Public Outreach: Distributes OA PSAs to local TV and radio stations; makes sure that local meeting information is published in area newspapers or other media, spreads information about OA to organizations that come into contact with still-suffering compulsive overeaters.
  • Group Outreach: Maintains contact with OA groups throughout the Triangle Intergroup area; visits meetings and provides support as needed.
  • 12th Step Within/Special Events: Coordinates IG level special events as needed (a great position if you have an idea for an OA dance, yard sale, pot luck, you name it).
  • Hi-Tech: Maintain the website and mailing lists.
  • Audio Librarian: Maintain the tape and CD library.
  • Newsletter Editor: Create, format, edit the monthly Triangle OA Newsletter.

Unless otherwise noted in the position descriptions, IG committee chairs must meet the following requirements:

  • Membership in OA for six months
  • 30 days abstinence from compulsive eating

Represent your meeting as the Intergroup Rep! Each meeting decides whether there is an abstinence requirement for its IG rep but the biggest requirement is a willingness to provide service by attending the IG meeting each month. Each group’s voice needs to be heard to keep carrying the message!

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