SOAR Report: Spring 2019

Spring 2019 SOAR 8 Business Assembly and Recovery Convention
April 5, 2019

-11 green dot representatives!

-Our chair reminded the assembly that the most important business of the weekend was our own abstinence!

-39 voting, 5 non-voting attendees

-The board presented a Forum on Intergroup Renewal

-We had 3 speakers. Among the experience, strength and wisdom shared:

-My sponsor told me to get down on my knees, say the first 3 Steps, pray the 3rd Step prayer, and ask God to remove the obsession. She didn’t tell me to ask God for help; she told me to ask God to REMOVE THE OBSESSION!

-I’m abstinent today because of working the 12 Steps.

-I didn’t feel any connection to the prayers I was praying. My sponsor told me to “Just Do It”.

April 6, 2019

Chair report: I am learning to love myself as part of my action plan. I stand in front of the mirror each day and say “I love you”.

Vice-chair report: Fall SOAR assembly in Memphis, Oct. 11 – 13, 2019. Baton Rouge has prepared a bid for Spring 2020. Middle Tennessee IG is bidding for Fall 2020.

Treasurer report: There are funds available:

-IGOR funds for IGs to send reps to assemblies

-IGOR Carry the Message fund for Board to do workshops in your area

-PI(PI/PO) fund for OA ads in your area. Relevant email addresses include, Please use these
addresses if you need help accessing the forms associated with the funding discussed.

Trustee report: This is my last assembly after 6 years as your region trustee. When I have a question from one of you, I go to the Traditions and Concepts for answers.
We have a new 32- page pamphlet, “Where Do I Start?” that replaces the Newcomer packet. It eliminates repetition. We are going to need a lot of help
with the WSO convention in Orlando, Fl in Aug. 2020!

10:15am – 12pm – Committee Meetings

The Twelfth Step Within committee will be combining with the Unity With Diversity committee.

Instead of developing new content, the WSO TSW will assist its committee members in presenting workshops or celebrations of the 5 OA Holidays

12pm – 2pm – Lunch and speaker

2pm-Business Assembly re-convenes

-40 voting delegates presents

-Motion X – A Region 8 representative to Region 8 assembly must be a full-time resident of that region. There was one amendment that added the language “In order to apply for funding, representatives must be full-time residents within the geographic boundary of Region 8”. There was a fair amount of controversy surrounding the motion and the amendment, some related to a possible Tradition violation. The amendment and the motion were defeated.

-Motions XX, XXX, II,VII were adopted. Motions III, IV, and V are the consent agenda and were passed as a group.

-the bid for the March 19 – 21, 2020 SOAR assembly in Baton Rouge was accepted!

-Ways and Means committee is developing new merchandise, especially for men!

Respectfully submitted by Neill M., Triangle OA representative

New Durham OA Meeting

New Durham OA meeting

Mondays 7-8pm
Mt Bethel Presbyterian Church
3541 Rose of Sharon Rd

11th step meditation meeting
10 min meditation centered on an OA principle, then OA literature reading/sharing

Handicapped accessible
Valerie S 919 961 1734

Note this is a closed meeting. It is open to anyone with a desire to stop eating compulsively or anyone who thinks they may have a problem with compulsive overeating.

July Intergroup Meeting

All are invited to join us for the next Intergroup meeting coming up on Saturday, July 20th from 10:15am to 12pm.

Location: Community United Church of Christ in Raleigh at the corner of Wade Ave and Dixie Trail.

Hope to see you there!

Call for Stories

A call for OA member stories has been announced. Find the information and release form at What’s New ( and attached.

Here is the direct link:

Did You Enter OA at Age 18-30? Send Us Your Story!
OA is looking for new stories to include in a revised To the Teen pamphlet for young people. Members ages 18 to 30 or who entered OA during that time of their life are encouraged to submit stories that involve any manifestation of the disease (overeating, anorexia, bulimia, binge eating, and other compulsive food behaviors). Email your story to with the subject “YP Story.” Submitted stories must include a signed release form. The deadline for submissions is April 1, 2019. Give service and hope: share your story and share the news about this opportunity—download the flyer to bring to your next group or service body.

Speakers Needed

Aloha Ya’ll from the great state of Hawaii!

My former “home meeting” in North Carolina has graciously allowed me to continue giving service by securing the Speakers for the FIRST Sunday of every month.

This OA meeting takes place on the second floor of the main building at Structure House, 3017 Pickett Road, Durham NC 27705.

This meeting tends to have more newcomers who are curious about OA and want to give it a try. Sometimes, the suggestion to try OA comes from a Therapist familiar with 12 Step Programs, and sometimes it’s a family or friend who suggests they try out a few meetings. Often they may be visiting Durham from another state and will ask about meetings in their area. It’s a great seque to share about how OA World Service connects us from state to state and to talk about phone meetings, and our virtual services.

We are looking for Speakers (both Veteran OA members who have many years of recovery under their belts and newer members who have been in OA for a year or two but are showing signs of strong recovery). All you need to do is show up on the appointed Sunday and share your story of Experience, Strength and Hope with others.

The Meeting starts at 1030am. The Leader will introduce you around 10:45 and you’ll have 20 minutes to share your story. Afterwards there is a discussion time where people share about anything that resonated with them from your share or they may just share something that is weighing heavy on their heart that day.

Let me know if you (or a sponsee) is interested and which First Sunday in 2019 works best for you. I am planning on visiting NC either the first Sunday in May or June. Perhaps, I’ll see some of you then?

Mahalo and a hui hou!
Patrick T., OA Region 2
Waikoloa Hawaii OA Saturday Morning Meeting
OA Big Island Intergroup Communications Chair
Big Island of Hawaii
(919) 949-9267

TSW 2018 Young Timers Survey Results

The TSW Region 8 Young Timers Survey was created to better understand how to organize, attract, and encourage OA “young timers” 49 years and younger to attend OA related events  We hope this may create more outreach opportunities, fellowship activities, recovery related workshops, or literature studies.

(note the survey allowed respondents to answer to more than one category % and numbers will not = 100)


• > 50 people <= 49 years responded: ages 18-24, 13 ages 25-34 years, 34 ages 35-49
• Years attending meetings: 3% <= 1 year, 21% 2-3, 18% 4-5, 35% 6-10, and 24% >= 11 years 
• Frequency participated in fellowship activities (workshops, conferences, conventions, retreats, book studies, outings, etc.)48% “not often participation”, 23% “often participation”29%  “sometimes”
• Frequency socialize outside meetings (walking, spending time together, getting coffee or tea, etc.)  27% never, 27% weekly, 17% monthly, and 29% “hang out.” 
• Types events they enjoy
A majority “hanging out” together and socializing
A majority retreats, games/crafts, conventions, going to a movie, or  music event
25% did not answer or were “unsure”
A few enjoyed having coffee/tea/meals together or seasonal parties
• Of those who attend meetings, 90% always feel welcomed at meetings,10% feel they are welcomed “sometimes” or feel “unsure”, 0% feel unwelcome
Suggestions to help people feel more welcomeencourage more young people to participate, provide babysitting with daytime meetings, continue outreach and greater inclusion of minorities, welcome greeter for newcomers before/after meetings 
• If they have not attended meetings in a while, has another OA member called? 32% responded “yes”, 14% said they received calls “sometimes,” 26% responded “no“, and 28% said “N/A or unsure”
• What kind of events they would enjoy attending?
Indoor: Movies (29), plays (27), game nights (29), museums (20), concerts (23), karaoke (17), bowling (22), seasonal/holiday parties (24), and dancing (19), crafts, sewing hobbies, beading, etc. (21), meet for coffee, tea, ormeal (23,) plays/ concerts (23) 
Outdoor: hiking/walking (29), biking (17), rock climbing (14), and paddle boards/canoes/kayaks (22)beach time (22), pool parties (16), yoga (23), mini-golf (19), family friendly picnics (14), shuffleboard (8), and gardening (4)
Workshops or literature studies (most popular requests 63)
Others: fitness opportunities, day trips, sailing, community service, exercise videos, weight lifting/building, nutrition education, spa retreats, clothes swapping events, or meetings/events at a fellows’ homes for those who are unable to attend
Some suggested holding conferences and workshopsquarterly due to schedules
• Would like to receive a list of home group members‘ names and numbers?  75% “yes”, 10%  “no”, 15% “N/A or unsure”
• Do you have recovery literature? 98% Yes 

We hope you and your intergroup may find these results useful in carrying the OA message, planning TSW events and encouraging the newcomer and current members to keep coming back” (particularly the younger crowd.)

Thank you for taking the time to read the survey results.

TSW Committee Region 8 OA

New Twelve Step Within Pamphlet for Download

A new Twelve Step Within pamphlet is available for download here. Please download it, make copies, forward it on to others and share it with your own groups.

Sharing this pamphlet with others will help our meetings and Integroup(s), it will help to make our meetings larger and help to keep members to come back. Read about how to form a Twelve Step Within committee for your Intergroup.  Continue reading “New Twelve Step Within Pamphlet for Download”

Group Inventory

There are a number of Group Support documents and help files on the website located here. One of the documents that your group might consider working through together on a yearly basis is the Group Inventory worksheet. This inventory can help to maintain the health of the group. In this post, we’ve provided the full text of the document, but you can also download it and save it as a PDF here.

OA Group Inventory

Use an entire meeting for an honest and fearless discussion of the group’s weaknesses
and strengths.

This inventory is divided into two parts. Part 1 is an inventory of the group as a whole;
Part 2 is a personal inventory of a member’s behavior in the group. Continue reading “Group Inventory”