Newsletter Needs Help

The Triangle OA Recovery News seeks submissions. Please ask if your group can sign up for any of the the following issues:

1. June (submit by 2nd Saturday of May)

*Topics: Step/Tradition/Concept 6, Willingness, Solidarity, Responsibility

2. July (submit by 2nd Saturday of June)

*Topics: Step/Tradition/Concept 7, Humility, Responsibility, Balance

3. August (submit by 2nd Saturday of July)

*Topics: Step/Tradition/Concept 8, Self-Discipline, Fellowship, Delegation

4. October (submit by 2nd Saturday of September)

*Topics: Step/Tradition/Concept 10, Perseverance, Neutrality, Clarity

5. December (submit by 2nd Saturday of November)

*Topics: Step/Tradition/Concept 12, Service, Spirituality, Selflessness

Obviously, #1 is the most urgent. Please talk to your groups. (And shout-out to Durham Sunday and Hillsborough Monday, writing for September and November, respectively.:))

Yours in recovery and service,


Newsletter Ed.

SOAR Spring 2017 Business Assembly Report

SOAR Business Assembly Report

Jacksonville, Fla

March 17, 2017, 7pm-10pm session

We have 8 green dot representatives at the assembly, including 1 from Bogota, Colombia, 1 from the Triad IG, and 1 from the Piedmont IG.

33 voting delegates are present for the evening session.

The treasurer gave a presentation on the 501 ( c )(3) public charity nonprofit tax designation.  Questions have been asked regarding the use of WSO’s 501 status by the regions.  The treasurer explained that no group or intergroup can use WSO’s 501 (c )(3) tax number as it would compromise WSO’s tax exempt status.  Any group or intergroup can apply for 501 status.  That group should: 1)-consult an attorney or an accountant; 2)-be aware that there may be an initial fee and an annual fee; 3) the state may have additional tax-exempt laws.


Groups meeting in churches or schools may be want to consider group liability insurance to cover the group in case anyone is injured during a meeting or OA event.  In other words, who is responsible, the institution or the meeting?  Some institutions may require groups to have group liability insurance.

Forum topic:  Keep It Simple (based on 12th Step Within Simplicity Project on WSO website)

Examples:  3 – L – 1:  3 meals a day – 1 day at a time – Life in between

                   Food plan, Action Place, Recovery Plan, Serenity Plan

                   Physical, emotional, spiritual recovery categories- what am I doing each day?

The Blessings of Recovery ( 3 speakers )

  1. – I am a sugar addict.  I wanted sugar more than my eyes, my limbs, or my life, but I didn’t want you to know how crazy I was.  Diabetes ran in my family, and I saw the ravages every day, but still continued to eat sugar.  When I went to my first OA meeting, they made me treasurer.  Couldn’t they see that I was crazy?  I was still battling sugar every day.  I was bloody, but abstinent.  Then my mother, my older sister, and then my grandmother all died and I felt like I was in hell.  I felt joyless and broken.  My savior arrived as a little tri-fold pamphlet called “12-Stepping a Problem”.  This pamphlet and my willingness to use it became my ladder out of hell and my road to joy.  I discovered the lies in my life; that I was mean, that I was evil, that I should do everything for my family, that I was the fix-it kid, but that I never did anything right.  I had punished myself daily for years.  I took Steps 4- 9 to surrender these lies.  God gave me acceptance, understanding, and forgiveness for myself and others.  Speaking about the Promises is speaking about joy of my recovery journey.  
  2. – Pain and fear brought me into OA.  I knew I had a “different relationship” with food.  If you had my life, you would overeat also.  The food stopped working, but I threw everybody out of my life before that happened.  Pain came when I realized that I was the common denominator in the issues of my life.  I was obsessed about food, what I ate, what you ate, what I was going to eat, what I shouldn’t eat.  I could diet, but I couldn’t keep it off.  I wore shapeless clothes and wouldn’t be in photos.  I stopped being able to soothe myself with food.  I Googled eating disorders, and “OA” came up.  I just wanted a food plan and I would be out of there.  I was STILL dieting!  I was finally given “the gift of desperation”.   I wanted what others had, the physical, emotional, and spiritual recovery.  I started working the Steps and got honest with myself.  I was living in illusions and lies.  I worked with a sponsor.  I have maintained a healthy weight for 3 years, and I could never do that before OA.  I was also getting sane, present, and available.  I love working with sponsees.  Today I have a life that is unbelievable.  I have the ability to love and to be loved.

V.- In OA I found acceptance for who I was for the first time.  I was a very fat unhappy person.  I had cancer; OA helped me to lose weight, get healthier, and I am still here!  I was a night eater; I do not do that anymore.  My sponsor told me that I needed to work the Steps.  My wife is in OA and does a lot of service, and I started helping her.  Service helps me to show up.  I have lost 50 lbs in the program.  I want to live a better life so I’m sticking with OA!


March 18, 2017


There are 35 eligible voting delegates present.

Treasurer’s report- We have $35,000 in the budget and are maintaining a 66% prudent reserve, which is higher than the 40 – 60% called for in the Bylaws.  This is a good thing as we are sending 4 delegates and the chair and region trustee to WSBC in April, and this will spend down the prudent reserve.  We file taxes every year but do not pay taxes.  By law, the SOAR 8 treasurer and the secretary have to be bonded.  At one time, our chair had to be bonded, but we changed the P and P because our chair is not a US citizen and cannot be bonded in this country.

Secretary’s report- Packet is completed for this conference and credentials are up to date.  On to Albuquerque!

Vice-chair-  I coordinate planning and preparation for conventions, the topic for Friday night speakers, and help with bids for upcoming conventions.  As of now, we have no bids for Spring 2018 convention.

Chair-I am translating an OA 12-Step workshop into Spanish.  I am planning the Forum for the next region assembly in Miami, coming in October.  I have prepared a marathon on sponsorship involving the Board of Trustees at WSO.  We welcomed 389 people who joined us by phone for 3 hours to discuss and to share on various topics related to sponsorship.

Trustee-  I voted on the revised edition of the OA 12 & 12.  Approved a process to de-register groups that are not following the Traditions.  Three (3) groups in New Zealand were violating the traditions and causing harm to OA as a whole.  They have been de-registered.  We are developing new guidelines for anonymity in the digital world.  The new Courier is available for health professionals and can be accessed at  Please feel free to download a copy and give to health professionals.  We have a new A Step Ahead (what is going on at WSO) available in color or in b/w for  download.

7th Tradition totals – Friday 3/17 – $525; Sat. 3/18 – $117.


March 18, 2017


There are 38 eligible voting delegates present.

Bylaws Motion 1- Change the quorum requirements in the Bylaws from 2 to 8 intergroups from states outside the state or territory where the assembly is being held.  Adopted

P & P Motion 1- Change assembly time from March and September to March/April and October/November to facilitate more flexibility in planning/preparation of conventions.  Adopted.

P & P Motion 2-Move the Tech/Web committee down the list of committees to be defunded.  Currently, Tech/Web is #2; this motion would move the committee to #5.  Adopted

P & P/Motion 3-All reimbursements for SOAR 8 expenses shall be in the form of a check.  Adopted.  This motion was fairly controversial as we have a chair and several delegates who are not US citizens and have difficulties cashing American checks in their countries’ banks.  Arrangements will be made so that they can cash their checks in the US before returning to their respective countries.

WSO Strategic Plan for 2017 – 2019 – “Keeping OA Strong Worldwide”

-WSO is creating articles for a series “Are you a piece of the puzzle?”

-Developing 12 powerpoints for Traditions workshops

-Lifeline article

*Very important!!  Please take back to your intergroups and discuss –  “How can we promote and contribute to unity?”  Please forward ideas to your region Trustee.  Sample idea- Skype in an international speaker for a meeting.

Emergency P and P motion- At least 3 of 4 board members, including the treasurer must meet the requirements and criteria for bonding.  Adopted.

We had six (6) remote attendees, including 1 from Brazil.

Please be aware that you can donate to Region 8 using Paypal or the mail-in contribution form.


Submitted by Neill M., Triangle NC SOAR representative


Friday Meeting Change/Update

Beginning the first Friday in March the meeting in Wake Forest will be at 6:00pm.  Until then the meeting will begin at 6:30pm as usual.

Note also –  “Park in front by the playground and follow signs.”

October Intergroup Meeting & Lunch and Learn!

All are invited to join us for the next IG meeting coming up on Saturday, October 15th from 10:15am to 12pm. Please note the ongoing time change to accommodate attendance at the 9am Raleigh meeting. No need to choose between fellowship and participation at the IG level. Woo-hoo!

Lunch bag

Please join us after IG for a Lunch & Learn discussion presented by the 12th Step Within committee of your IG. Come and enjoy a podcast of OA speakers sharing their experience, strength and hope. Bring a lunch and share fellowship, discussion and recovery!

Topic: Think before you take that first compulsive bite

Location: Community United Church of Christ (814 Dixie Trail, Raleigh–Corner of Wade Ave and Dixie Trail)

Time: 12:30pm to 2:30pm following the monthly Intergroup meeting

Questions or for more information: Deb  (919) 332-4343 or

Hope to see you there!

“Welcome Home” Serenity Day in Durham this Saturday!!

Join the Saturday AM Scout Hut meeting in Durham for a day of fun, fellowship and workshops–this, coming Saturday!

The regular meeting from 10am – 11:30am will offer a panel of three speakers to offer their experience, strength and hope. There will be a break and a chance to share a meal and fellowship at a local restaurant, and then the Serenity Day activities to follow in the afternoon from 1pm – 3pm.

Location:  Westminister Presbyterian Church
3639 Old Chapel Hill Rd, Durham, NC 27707

Both the regular meeting and the Serenity Day will be held in the main church building in the rooms upstairs. There is plenty of parking and there will be signs posted to help you find your way! Stairs and an elevator are available.

Date: September 10, 2016
Meeting time: 10:00 am to 11:30 am
Serenity Day Time: 1:00 pm  to  3:00 pm

For additional information, please contact Harriette at or (919)596-9543

Hope to see you there!

SOAR Report July 2016 (Margaret W)

I joined the Intergroup (IG) Outreach committee at SOAR to reach out to OA meetings in the Triangle IG area to determine if they belonged to any IG and if not, if they would join Triangle IG. I determined that there are 7 active groups in eastern NC that do not belong to any IG.  (There is a meeting listed on the OA site for Pembroke but I am not certain that it is still an active meeting.)

I knew they would be small meetings so I asked how could Triangle IG be of help to them.  I suggested speakers and newsletter listings and participation in receiving newsletters.  At this point only Havelock and Oak Island have agreed to be listed.  Another group is to decide at  their meeting and I have not heard back from that group yet if they will join Triangle IG or not.

I have submitted all the information to the newsletter editor to list Oak Island and Havelock as members of Triangle IG.  I will continue to try to make contact with the remaining groups who are not members of any IG to see if they will join Triangle IG and then I will begin to contact members of Triangle IG who are not active members of IG to determine how Triangle IG can help.

Calling on Professionals for a special PIPO Meeting!

Calling On Professionals!!!

Calling on…

Folks who work at hospitals, treatment centers, correctional facilities, religious organizations, private practice, schools, civilian and military, health & education professional communities.

Did you know that you are uniquely poised to pass on the hopeful message of OA recovery?

Calling on…

Alcohol/Drug Counselors, Dieticians, Doctors, Eating Disorder Counselors, Health Club Managers, Medical Students, Nurses, Nutritionists, Primary Care Physicians, Social Workers, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Pastors, Chaplins, Teachers, Body Workers, EAP and helping professionals.

Strengthen your twelve stepping and join us at this special Public Information & Professional Outreach (PIPO) meeting! 

When: August 21, 2016 5:15 pm to 6:30 pm (immediately following the 4-5pm meeting)

Where: Grace Lutheran Church (5010 Six Forks Road, Raleigh)

What will happen there?

  • Attend an OA meeting with other professionals in recovery to discuss issues unique to professionals in recovery.
  • Get Ideas for how to serve and pass the message of recovery to professional contacts using attraction rather than promotion.
  • Learn how other professionals take step twelve, and integrate their OA program and their role as professional and maintain anonymity.
  • Take home information packages to support you in taking step twelve in your professional community.

For more information contact Sherylyn at or 919-749-3646

Lets take step twelve together!

August Intergroup Meeting on the road in Wilmington!

Intergroup is taking to the road this month and we will be joining our fellows on the coast on Saturday, August 20th from 11am to 12pm.


Please join us at the regular Saturday morning meeting in Wilmington at the Church of the Servant (4925 Oriole Drive) at 9:30am and stay for the Intergroup meeting immediately afterward.

Hope to see you there!

SOAR Report July 2016 (Neill M)

2016 SOAR 8 July Business Assembly

July 15, 2016, St. Pete Beach, Fla.

-The chair reminded us that our personal abstinence is the most important business that we must attend to this weekend.

-There were 9 green dot reps!

-36 voting members present for the evening assembly.

-The vice-chair’s duties include helping intergroups to host region assemblies.  She will be available to advise, consult with, and support intergroups of any size to put on an assembly.  There is a Region 8 convention hosting manual available to further provide guidelines regarding choosing hotels, arranging for banquet and meeting facilities, and menu selection.  Region 8 also provides $500 seed money to an intergroup to expedite initial expenses.  An intergroup can earn a substantial amount of money by hosting an assembly, including presenting 50/50 raffles, silent auctions, and boutiques.

-The chair has chosen “Keep Changing” as her slogan.

The Friday evening Forum presented topics for groups of attendees to create short skits in order to address particular issues regarding recovery in OA:

  • How do I deal with challenging personalities if I give service?
  • How do I choose not to eat a food that everyone else is eating?
  • A professional at a treatment center for eating disorders has never heard of OA. Do I break my anonymity and tell them about OA?
  • Your partner met you when you were heavy. Now you are losing weight.  They are having problems with all the attention that you are receiving and the time that you are spending at meetings, giving service, etc.
  • Our sponsee does everything we suggest and more, but keeps screwing up.

The topic for the 3 evening speakers was “Why it is important for me to work all 12 Steps”.


July 16, 2016

8:30am – 10:15am

-Last night’s 7th tradition was $166.00

-There are 39 voting members present for the morning assembly.

-The parliamentarian gave an explanation of parliamentary procedures.  She also talked about the available funds to send reps to SOAR assemblies and the the WSBC.  Region 8 has $2000 allocated to send reps to SOAR assemblies and $2000 to send reps to WSBC.

Chair report

-Chair has worked with the Bogota and Medellin Intergroups and the newborn Serenity OA group in Panama.  She has travelled to Atlanta, to meetings in Miami Dade and the Florida Keys, to Central and Northern Florida Intergroups meetings, as well as to WSBC in Albuquerque, NM.  She is also serving on the WSBC Region chairs committee.

Vice chair report

-The next assembly is in Memphis from Oct. 28-30.  Please submit future assembly bids!  Region 8 paid over $2000 back to Atlanta for the March 2016 SOAR assembly (This does not include the amount that Atlanta earned from their successful boutique!).

Secretary report

-Committees are more active than they have ever been!  Our secretary Janet T. will be rotating out of service after the Memphis SOAR this year.  “God does not call the equipped; God equips the called.”

Treasurer’s report

-Prudent reserve is currently 64%; after this assembly’s costs have been met, the prudent reserve will still be in the mid 40s ( the prudent reserve must be between 40-60% as mandated by the Policies and Procedures manual).

Trustee report

New WSBC strategic plan for 2017-19 is “Keeping OA Strong Worldwide”.  I am the liaison between WSO and Region 8.  WSBC motions are due by Dec. 10.  These motions can come from meetings, intergroups, and other service bodies.  She was re-elected trustee for Region 8 at WSBC!

I am a member of the 12th Step Within committee

12th Step Within committee meeting: 10:30am -12pm

-“There is nothing worse than a head full of OA and a belly full of food.  The most important words spoken to me when I was in relapse were ‘what can I do to help?’”

July 16, 2016

2pm – 5pm

Motion 1

Move the Region 8 forms from Appendix E of the P & P to the Region 8 website.  By doing this, forms can be updated without having to amend the P & P.  This will move Region 8 closer to a paperless environment and expedite updating current forms.  Motion adopted

Motion 2 and 3 were related to changing the P & P to reference that 2 assemblies instead of 3 will be held each year and that instead of referring to the March, July, and Nov. assemblies, we will now reference the two assemblies as “Spring ” and “Fall”.  Both motions were adopted.

Motion 4 clarifies what “members present and voting” means in context of determining a 2/3 majority.  This motion was also adopted.

Final Atlanta March 2016 SOAR report

-Atlanta got a late start; the committee recommends starting to plan an assembly as soon as possible.  They also recommend that attendees register as early as possible so that the hosting body can determine how many people to expect for banquets, business assemblies, and recovery workshops.  There were 188 attendees.  The boutique cleared $823.00.

WSBC 2017 dates are May 1- 6.

Emergency motion 1

A budget override of $200 was requested by PI/PO to print locally-produced pamphlets for availability at the Nov. Memphis SOAR assembly (one pamphlet in Spanish, one in English).  Motion adopted

Emergency motion 2

Ways and Means committee requested a budget override of $500 to buy more serenity knots and GOT SERENITY? T-shirts.  The Ways and Means committee has earned over $2069 so far from the sale of these items.  Motion was adopted.

Emergency motion 3

A re-allocation of $181.00 from the prudent reserve was requested by the treasurer to cover the chair’s travel to WSBC 2016.  Motion adopted.

Committee reports

Ways and Means – 2 new active members, W & M decided not to pursue e-commerce, created new pricing tier so that items can be sold locally as fund raisers, $2069 profits!  The committee will continue to develop strategies to market items, including using the Region 8 webpage to handle bulk orders.

By-laws/Electronic documents – developing policy for reimbursement by check, examing rotation guidelines for board members.

IGOR (intergroup outreach) – How has OA and your intergroup served you best?  Maintaining work flow through regular monthly meetings by phone.  Assembling and generating unaffiliated meeting information.

12th Step Within – developed new TSW skit, maintaining relapse mentor list, online sponsor list, and speaker list, creating a workshop resource list and access, taking action on re-involving members who have left OA, working with Unity w/Diversity.

Techweb – updating and renewing contract with webmaster, purchasing Adobe software to create pdf. forms on website, helping people to register for Region 8 email lists, getting information for appropriate amount of Wi – Fi for assemblies.

PI/PO (Public information/Professional outreach) – military contact letter approved by the board, purchasing 2 pamphlets, targeting diverse populations, including colleges, healthcare facilities, etc.

Unity with Diversity – how does WSO get literature translated , how to work with different groups, setting up Facebook groups, retention work with Twelfth Step Within, webpage for Unity with Diversity, working with new Chilean intergroup, working with Spanish Language Service Board at WSBC to create an international Spanish glossary to include different meanings for the same word depending on the country.

The 7th Tradition for July 16 was $128.61

The meeting adjourned at 5pm

Respectfully submitted by Neill M