News from the World Service Business Conference (WSBC) in Albuquerque, NM!

Our Intergroup’s trusted World Service Office Delegates provided the following summary of their time at the WSBC in May:

Theme: Responsibility – To Carry the Message

This year’s business focused around non-face to face meetings, something
that has become too important to ignore.

There were 199 voting delegates who represented 19 countries. It was exciting to see this program practiced in Spanish, German, Greek, Hebrew, French, Dutch, Portuguese, English of many accents, and many other languages! Other than two agenda items, all items of business passed. Here were the highlights:

  • The two failed proposals were:
    • To change the Reginal Chairs’ meeting to meet only in North America
    • To change the date of OA Unity Day
  • We granted the seal of approval to two items of literature:
    • A Twelve Traditions Pocket Guide
    • The Twelve Step Workshop and Study Guide
  • General changes in wording to improve grammar and understanding to bylaws were passed by the consent agenda
  • Perhaps the most involved motions that were adopted had to do with using OA in social media and on the internet. We approved this motion forward so that now OA can have a presence in places like Facebook and Twitter. A major reasoning for this motion is that there have been non-official OA pages popping up over social media over the past few years, and some of them provide wrong information about OA.
  • The other bylaw proposal that passed was the one which changed the
    definition of a meeting so that some Virtual meetings can be counted and listed for OA. The major reason is that there are areas of the world where the aforementioned social media might be the only option for meeting or recovery interaction. A good example is what is happening in China, where the gathering of people who might pray at the beginning of a meeting is not legal. Virtual meetings using WeChat technology (a phone app) but do not happen in “real time” can now register as real meetings.  The Region 10 trustee went to
    China and saw how many people can be helped there using this technology
    solution.  Her report on that trip (to the board) is very inspiring.
    WeChat is the only technology which can work for a meeting and which is
    not banned by the Chinese government.

    • A virtual committee was formed in response to these two motions
  • We elected 2 general trustees, including our own former Chair of Region 8 Gloria!
  • Region 8 trustee Linda H was also elected for another term
  • Speaking of Region 8…
    • Our gathering was a wonderful opportunity to see other delegates and hear what people are doing for service at WSBC. It was remarkable how many region 8 people we have who are serving board positions for specific committees on the world service level!
    • Viviana, the chair of region 8, again is encouraging our intergroup to consider hosting an assembly. We have a wealth of service and dedication in Triangle Intergroup, and we are also blessed to have another intergroup (Triad) in our “back yard,” and she would like to see us working together.

From Lauren

  • As a green dot I felt both weird and welcomed. I was grateful for my mentor, who helped me deal with some of the general “overwhelmed-ness” that I felt my first day. In fact, I accidentally texted her a (pretty candid) text that I meant for my sponsor. Her response was so helpful and loving! I adopted her as my WSBC “sponsor.”
  • The committee to which I was assigned was the Young Persons’ Committee. You might notice a change. It used to be called the “Youth and Young Persons’ Committee.” It was changed to reflect the desire to incorporate all young people as full members of OA, who are both unique in their “category” but also want to be taken seriously (there is no “kids’ table” at OA! ). During my WSBC term I will be serving as co-chair of the resources sub-committee. We will be looking at literature and communications this year, and in light of the newly adopted amendments, we will begin diving into social media with OA!
  • I am so grateful to have been given this chance to serve at WSBC. I had the chance to really work on my program, and give myself the space to 12-step some of the personal challenges I faced! And it was not only an honor to serve as one of our delegates, it was a delight to stick my toes in the land. I have never seen the desert—never seen such beauty and variety of land! HP really showed up in full-force—in the mesas, in the wind, in the beauty, in the people, in the program.

From Mike

  • I was again assigned to the Web/Technology committee.  Committee day was
    going quietly until I was elected Delegate Cochair. I felt simultaneously honored and humbled while also terrified and overwhelmed.  I may just need to learn some organization skills
  • The meeting got interesting really quickly when my green-dot asked for help making an amendment.  In the end it was not adopted, but the experience was
    interesting and useful when I needed to give the committee report on Saturday morning in front of everyone.
  • For me personally the trip was an amazing experience:
    * During conference I converted to a strict 3-0-1 plan of eating which
    is working quite well.
    * I was pushed to grow outside my comfort zone.
    * I worked on some old resentments and similar feelings, and came away at peace in that area (10th step).
    * I made a lot of friends and can better see how OA is something much
    bigger than my local group (or intergroup).

In conclusion, we are both grateful to have the chance to be of service—it really is what keeps our programs going. Thank you, Triangle Intergroup, for this opportunity!


Mike and Lauren

May Intergroup Meeting–New Time!

All are invited to join us for the next IG meeting coming up on Saturday, May 21st from 10:15am to 12pm. Please note the time change to accommodate attendance at the 9am Raleigh meeting. Now there’s no need to choose between fellowship and service at the IG level. Woo-hoo!

Location: Community United Church of Christ in Raleigh at the corner of Wade Ave and Dixie Trail.

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April Intergroup Meeting

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Saturday, April 9th, 9:30am – 2:00pm

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  • Break-Out Groups

We will share a brown-bag lunch at 12:30 so bring your own lunch for fellowship around food. There will be a microwave & refrigerator available.

There is a $5 suggested donation at the door to cover expenses of the event but no one will be turned away for lack of funds. Additionally, there will be a raffle fundraiser for the next Triangle IG retreat.

Where: Carrboro United Methodist Church Meeting in white house across from main church at corner of Shelton St. & Hillsborough Rd.

Please see the flyer here for more information: Sponsorship Workshop

Hope to see you there!

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March Intergroup Meeting

All are invited to join us for the next IG meeting coming up on Saturday, March 19th from 10am to 12pm.

Location: Community United Church of Christ in Raleigh at the corner of Wade Ave and Dixie Trail.

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February Intergroup Meeting

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