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Did you know we have podcasts on the website that talk about pamphlets in our wide array of literature? Check out these new ones!


This year at the World Service Business Conference 2014​ the Ask-it -Basket was answered by the Trustees after the conference. The answers to that Ask-It-Basket can be found in this post here. Continue reading “News from WSO”

2014 World Service Business Conference Report

2014 World Service Business Conference
April 28 – May 3, 2014
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Theme of the conference was “Our Primary Purpose” and there was a focus in seminars and forums on carrying the message. The first seminar was Monday evening, with three more on Tuesday afternoon all looking towards how we can help spread the message. Continue reading “2014 World Service Business Conference Report”

2010 World Service Business Conference Report

2010 World Service Business Conference Report

Wednesday started out at the wonderful morning OA meeting, with the topic of Spirituality. The word ‘ritual’ is in there, as is spirit. Exquisite sharing from people with long term abstinence, expressed physically, emotionally and spiritually.

The Region Chairs did a fantastic job with their forum entitled “How Does Service, Serve Us?” subtitled “Preaching to the Choir.”  The results of the forum and lots of wonderful ideas on service can be found at:

Next stop, committee meetings. I serve on the Conference Literature Committee. We addressed some requests for new literature, and looked at some pamphlet re-write opportunities. All literature is reviewed at least every 7 years (although it can be reviewed more frequently).

That evening, was a forum to discuss the 7 pieces of literature voted on at the conference.  Each piece of literature is reviewed by a committee of up to 17-18 delegates. Next, the new or modified literature goes back to the board of trustees and requires a 2/3rds majority vote to end up on the agenda for the conference to consider. The voting delegates were given the opportunity to ask questions about the documents at this session. Continue reading “2010 World Service Business Conference Report”