July 2014 OA News Bulletin

OA News Bulletin

NEW! Issue of A Step Ahead 
The third-quarter 2014 issue of A Step Ahead is posted at www.oa.org/membersgroups/a-step-ahead-newsletter/. Find information about the most recent Conference, the benefits of Virtual Service Boards; an Announcement of New Officers, Trustees and Committee Chairs for 2014-2015; an OA Literature overview; a Seventh Tradition article by new treasurer and much more. Download and copy for your groups and service bodies.

WSBC Delegate Fund Applications Due November 1
Intergroups and service boards can apply for assistance to send delegates to the annual World Service Business Conference (WSBC). The 2015 WSBC will be held April 27–May 2, 2015, in Albuquerque, New Mexico USA. To apply, complete the Delegate Support Fund application and mail, fax, or email (info@oa.org) it to the World Service Office by November 1, 2014. The Delegate Support Fund is made possible, in the spirit of Tradition Seven, by OA member contributions.

2014 OA Retreat Weekend – North Florida



Do you ever feel like something is blocking your enjoyment of life? Would you like to experience the benefits of clearer connections to your Higher Power, to the program, and to each other?  Do you have your own personal experience, strength, and hope? What things have you done in program to unclog your pipeline? Are you willing to share with others? 
Come, join us at this retreat to experience plenty of opportunities to practice, improve, and cultivate these connections and receive more of what OA has to offer! Continue reading

June Triangle Intergroup Meeting Minutes

In this post, you will find a copy of the June Triangle OA Intergroup Meeting Minutes.

Minutes from Triangle Intergroup Meeting  6/21/14

Atiya-Chair; Alma-Secretary; Scott-Treasurer; Patrick-SOAR; Cheryl-Retreat Registrar; Ann-Group Outreach Chair; Rita-Co Newsletter Editor; Esther-Audio Library Chair; Jackie-PIPO; Jan- 12 Step Within Chair; Alice-Monday Raleigh Rep; Bert-Wednesday Fuquay Varina Rep; Mary Anne-Thursday Chapel Hill Rep; Sid-Monday Cary Rep; Diane-Monday Hillsborough Rep Sub; Greg-Sunday Durham Rep; Margaret-Wednesday Wilmington Rep; Debbie-Wednesday Garner Rep; Chris-Visitor

Minutes from last meeting accepted.

Treasurer’s report accepted.

7th Tradition- $48.32

Standing Committee Reports

WSOD (Jim-Absent)-  Atiya referenced a service opportunity with WSO listed in the July Newsletter after the minutes. She also recently sent out an email to IG members with a link to WSO podcasts and reminded us that those, along with a wealth of other information for both individuals and groups, can be found at www.oa.org Continue reading

News from WSO

Did you know we have podcasts on the website that talk about pamphlets in our wide array of literature? Check out these new ones!


This year at the World Service Business Conference 2014​ the Ask-it -Basket was answered by the Trustees after the conference. The answers to that Ask-It-Basket can be found in this post here. Continue reading

Group Inventory

There are a number of Group Support documents and help files on the OA.org website located here. One of the documents that your group might consider working through together on a yearly basis is the Group Inventory worksheet. This inventory can help to maintain the health of the group. In this post, we’ve provided the full text of the document, but you can also download it and save it as a PDF here.

OA Group Inventory

Use an entire meeting for an honest and fearless discussion of the group’s weaknesses
and strengths.

This inventory is divided into two parts. Part 1 is an inventory of the group as a whole;
Part 2 is a personal inventory of a member’s behavior in the group. Continue reading

June 2014 OA News Bulletin

OA News Bulletin

NEW! Unity with Diversity Checklist
This checklist for OA groups and service bodies is offered in the spirit of Overeaters Anonymous’ Third Tradition and the OA Unity with Diversity Policy Statement. The checklist is not meant to be exhaustive, but is a good starting point for reflection and discussion of our understanding of diversity in OA. Download Unity with Diversity Checklist.

Strong Abstinence Checklist & Writing Exercise
For today, use this checklist and writing exercise to strengthen your recovery and reinforce the gift of abstinence in your life. You may also use it as the focus for meetings and workshops. Download Strong Abstinence Checklist. Continue reading

Triangle Intergroup Road Trip

A Triangle Intergroup Meeting will be held Saturday, August 16, 2014 from 11A – noon at the Church of the Servant in Wilmington, NC.

The Church of the Servant is at 4925 Oriole Drive, Wilmington, NC. If you would like to attend the regular OA meeting prior to the Intergroup meeting, it starts at 9:30A in the same location.

Questions? Call Erinne at (910) 547-0029.


WSO Accepting Applications for Committee Members to Review The 12 Steps and 12 Traditions of Overeaters Anonymous

In September 2013, an ad-hoc committee began to work on the review of the book The 12 Steps and 12 Traditions of Overeaters Anonymous. Much has been accomplished during the last nine months, but there is a lot yet to do. In May 2014, three members of that committee rotated out of service. The OA World Service Office will be accepting applications from those that would like to join the committee until July 3, 2014

Applications received at World Service Office after July 3rd will not be considered. At that point, the BOT will choose three new members from the applicants. The application is very definitive regarding applicant requirements and describes the tasks and duties that will be expected. Be certain to read the application carefully and fill it out completely.

Please click here to access the application and fill it out if you would like to apply.

2014 World Service Business Conference Report

2014 World Service Business Conference
April 28 – May 3, 2014
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Theme of the conference was “Our Primary Purpose” and there was a focus in seminars and forums on carrying the message. The first seminar was Monday evening, with three more on Tuesday afternoon all looking towards how we can help spread the message. Continue reading