NC Spring 2015 OA Retreat: The Twelve Step Journey


The Twelve Step Journey – North Carolina Spring 2015 OA Retreat will take place from Friday, April 24 – Sunday April 26, 2015. Registration opened October 1, 2014.  (Note registration deadlines on information form below). Register online at this link (a surcharge is applied when using this website to register). Click here to download the PDF of the below registration form.

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Serenity Day in Durham



An OA Serenity Day event will be held in Durham, NC on February 14, 2015 from 1-3P. Hosted by the Durham Saturday Morning Meeting, the event will be held at the Westminster Presbyterian Church at 3639 Old Chapel Hill Road in Durham, NC 27707.

For more information, please call (919) 408-7301 or email

Serenity Times from the Westchester United Intergroup

Thank you to the Westchester United Intergroup for their work and service on this end of year Serenity Times wrap-up. Not displaying properly on our website? You can view their newsletter and subscribe here.

2014 year-end wrap-up from WUIG

December 22, 2014

Here’s what we been doing with your money. First, a reminder that we exist for the same reason each of our meetings exist: to help the still-suffering compulsive eater (Tradition 5). In WUIG’s case, we work with reps from each of the meetings in Westchester and Putnam to do things that individual meetings can’t do. Here’s some specifics on where your contributions go.

  1. We maintain a sponsor bank to help people find sponsors, especially temporary sponsors. Contact Jeanette F. at  if you need a sponsor or are available to sponsor.
  2. We have been conducting sponsor training most of this year in 3 locations once a month. We’re also now doing it for meetings on request. Look for updates on this in 2015.
  3. The center piece of our goal to help members strengthen their personal recovery has been the five Working and Living the Steps Workshops we ran this year. Cumulatively, several hundred people attended.We also did five of these 3-hour workshops last year.
  4. We produced a booklet of 32 stories from local members entitled: How OA Changed My Life. We distributed 250 copies of these free.
  5. Last year it was a 25 local stories’ booklet entitled: It Works If You Work It – Members with One Year or More of Abstinence Tell How they Got Abstinent and Stay Abstinent.
  6. We maintain an OA Hotline that will probably receive approximately 1200-1300 calls before the year is over.
  7. We maintain a website.Website hits this year are way ahead of last year. The exciting thing this year, which we’re calling new media, was the Newcomers Orientation Video and the Member Testimonials.
  8. The Newcomers Orientation video is receiving worldwide use, including being translated into several languages. Region 9 (Europe, Middle east, Africa) has it headlined on the first page of their website, as we do.
  9. Testimonials:  We have 15 local members sharing their stories in 5 minutes each. We would like to get more…hint, hint.
  10. Our workshops are recorded and podcasts can be found on the website.
  11. Public Information. We had our information on placemats in Westchester and Putnam Diners. We had a huge billboard last year by Whole Foods in White plains; we had a display near the entrance of the a large health fair at the County Center where approximately 2,000 saw our display. We have put up OA posters in various locations.
  12. Professional Outreach. We did a mailing to approximately 100 healthcare professionals – names provided by you. We’ve placed literature displays in healthcare professional offices, including three physical therapy offices. This display contains the 15 Questions card and our business card with phone and web site address.
  13. Bookmarks.  We made and passed out bookmarks the mirrored the OA 2013-2016 Strategic Plan: Get Abstinent, Work All the Steps, Carry the Message. We printed “I Put My Hand in Yours” on the reverse side.
  14. Business Cards. We print and give to members business cards for use in 12th step work. The cards says: Is Food A Problem for You? and gives our hotline and web address.
  15. In addition to our workshops, we held a Unity Day event in February and just recently in November a special IDEA Day event aimed at people struggling or in relapse. We asked meetings to call “missing faces” for a special invite to this event. Sixty-five people came.
  16. We print meeting lists monthly.
  17. We regularly produce the Serenity Times newsletter.
  18. We will begin a Quick Step Study in January – 4 intense weeks through 12 Steps using the Big Book.
  19. We distributed a member survey via email in November to find out exactly what members think and want for 2015.  The results are below.
  20. We maintain liability insurance that covers our registered meetings (29) and special events we sponsor. More and more churches and other venues are requiring that we have this insurance.

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Twelfth Step Within: What has worked with you?

Twelfth Step Within would like to hear about the successes of your group, intergroup or region. How have you had success in preventing relapse and helping members recover from relapse, maintaining OA membership and carrying the TSW message that “There is a Solution?” Download the flier for more information on how you can share with them today. Ideas that work are posted here.

Winter 2-Day Big Book Study with SC Intergroup

The Upstate South Carolina Intergroup would like to invite you to their winter 2 day Big Book study taking place January 31 – February 1, 2015. This event will be held in Greenville, SC at Saint Francis Women’s Hospital, Room 301. Continue reading

Sharing our Experience, Strength and Hope Workshop in SW Virginia

Agape (Southwest Virginia OA Intergroup) meets on Saturday, January 17, 2015, at Christ Lutheran Church, Roanoke at 10:00 a.m. FOLLOWED BY a workshop entitled: Sharing our Experience, Strength and Hope.

The workshop is in honor of Roseanne S., founder of Overeaters Anonymous, who died January 17, 2014 AND in honor of OA’s birthday, January 18, 1960. Continue reading

Recovery by the Sea Event – Virginia Beach

Recovery by the Sea
~Beach Retreat 23~
March 27 – 29, 2015

Holiday Inn & Suites, North Beach
3900 Atlantic Avenue, Virginia Beach, VA 23451

Meetings/Workshops to support
OA’s 12-Step Program of Recovery
Build, Strengthen, and Add to your OA Network
Fun, Fellowship, and Memories

To register, click on the link to the Beach Retreat 23 Registration Form here and proceed as follows: Continue reading

New Twelve Step Within Pamphlet for Download

A new Twelve Step Within pamphlet is available for download here. Please download it, make copies, forward it on to others and share it with your own groups.

Sharing this pamphlet with others will help our meetings and Integroup(s), it will help to make our meetings larger and help to keep members to come back. Read about how to form a Twelve Step Within committee for your Intergroup.  Continue reading

November 2014 Triangle OA Intergroup Meeting Notes

Saturday, 11/15/14 Intergroup Minutes
Raleigh NC

Attendees: Atiya, Chair, Jim K WSBCD, Scott Treasurer, Rita Newsletter Distribution/Durham Sat 10 am, Alice Mon Raleigh/By-Laws, Rebecca Vice Chair, Cheryl Secretary, Lauren Durham T/Th 12:30 Rep/Newsletter Editor, Jan 12 Steps Within, Debbie Garner Wed, Margaret – Wilmington Wed, Kate – Chapel Hill Tues, Janeen – Raleigh Thursday, Halley – Structure House Continue reading

Report from the SOAR8 Assembly in Bogota

The SOAR8 Assembly in Bogota, Colombia recently took place in November 2014. A SOAR8 Business and Recovery Convention Report has been submitted by attendees Neill and Patrick. The event’s theme was The Golden Dream: Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Recovery. If you’d like to read the report in full, please click here to download the PDF.

If you’d like to read the report from the event assembled  by the Chair of IG Bogota, Adriana Alvarez, please click here to download the PDF.