OA Gratitude Luncheon – Triangle-Wide

Please come join us for the first Triangle-Wide OA Gratitude Luncheon. The event will be held on Saturday, September 6, 2014 at the Staybridge Suites of Durham/Chapel Hill at 3704 Mt. Moriah Road, Durham, NC 27707. Lunch will begin at 12:30PM (please bring your own healthy lunch).  Continue reading

August 2014 OA News Bulletin

OA News Bulletin

WSBC 2014 Final Conference Report Available

The WSBC 2014 Final Conference Report is now available for download. Included within are minutes of the business sessions; officer reports; summaries of the Conference workshops, each focusing on OA’s primary purpose; reports on committee meetings; and other valuable information delegates can carry back to their OA groups and services bodies. Save the date for next year’s event, 2015 WSBC, April 27–May 2, Albuquerque, NM USA.

Register Your OA Email Loop on OA.org
At WSBC 2014, the delegates passed a policy on courtesy listing email loops. Email groups, commonly called loops, do not meet in real time and take one of three formats: discussion loops, meeting loops, or business loops. To learn more about OA email loops or to register your loop, visit the OA website at http://www.oa.org/email-loops/.

Monthly Telephone Workshops
The Board of Trustees Virtual Services Committee is offering a yearlong series of monthly telephone workshops. This month, on August 10, 3–4 p.m. EDT, dial in to hear a discussion on OA Principles lead by Region Chairs. Call 1-424-203-8405 and enter access code 925619#. For complete details, check the Datebook Calendar, and for questions, contact the Virtual Services Trustee Stephanie D. (1-727-641-3437; vst4oa@hotmail.com). Listen to recordings of past OA workshops on the OA podcast page.

2015 Lifeline Story Topics
Tell us your OA story. See the list of Lifeline story topics for 2015 at http://www.oa.org/lifeline-magazine/monthly-topics/. Share your experiences of hope, recovery, abstinence, and more in Lifeline, your Meeting on the Go. Click here for Lifeline submission guidelines.

WSBC Delegate Fund Applications Due November 1
Intergroups and service boards can apply for assistance to send delegates to the annual World Service Business Conference (WSBC). The 2015 WSBC will be held April 27–May 2, 2015, in Albuquerque, New Mexico USA. To apply, complete the Delegate Support Fund application and mail, fax, or email (sarmstrong@oa.org) it to the World Service Office by November 1, 2014. The Delegate Support Fund is made possible, in the spirit of Tradition Seven, by OA member contributions.

Celebrate Abstinence!
Acknowledge your own, a fellow OA member’s, or your sponsee’s recovery with an OA Anniversary Coin. Available for anniversaries from 30 days to 40 years, all coins include the OA logo and reminder, One Day At A Time. To view and order, visit the OA bookstore and click on Coins.

Support the Professional Exhibits Fund
The Professional Exhibits Fund helps service bodies exhibit at professional conferences and conventions. This important program extends the OA presence in the professional community, and designated contributions from the Fellowship fully fund the program. The fund is in need of replenishing! If you or your service body would like to make a contribution, complete the contributions form and check the Professional Exhibits Fund box or choose that option from the designation drop-down menu on our contributions page.

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Treasurer’s Report from the July 2014 Business Assembly


This is the first time since I have been treasurer that I can report to you that our prudent reserve is within our bylaw-mandated range of 40 – 60%.  We are currently at 46%.

For those of you who are Green dots or haven’t been here in awhile; for the past 3½ years, our prudent reserve has been in the 70s and 80s.  While your board and Ways $ Means committee have been working diligently to bring our projected income and expenses into balance for the purpose of reducing our too-high prudent reserve, we would prefer to keep it closer to 60%.

So for the first time, I’m asking you to dig a little deeper into your purse or wallet as you make your 7th Tradition contributions in the coming months, in order to make the minimum suggested donation of $3.00 or more.  If you are abstinent today because of OA, think about what your recovery means to you and give as if your life depends on it.  As a program friend of mine is fond of saying, “I owe a debt I can never repay”. Continue reading

July Triangle Intergroup Meeting Minutes

Minutes from Triangle Intergroup Meeting  7/19/14

Atiya-Chair; Rebecca-Vice Chair; Alma-Secretary; Scott-Treasurer; Neill-SOAR; Ann-Group Outreach Chair; Rita-Co Newsletter Editor; Lauren-Co Newsletter Editor; Jan- 12 Step Within Chair; Bert-Wednesday Fuquay Varina Rep; Mary Anne-Thursday Chapel Hill Rep; Greg-Sunday Durham Rep; Margaret-Wednesday Wilmington Rep; Mickelle-Saturday Raleigh Rep; Sherylyn-Wednesday Garner Rep; Patricia-Thursday Raleigh Rep; Mike-Tuesday Raleigh Rep; Linda-Monday Hillsborough Rep

Minutes from last meeting accepted.

Treasurer’s report accepted.

7th Tradition- $50.34

Standing Committee Reports

WSOD (Jim-Absent)-  No Report- It was Atiya’s last day serving on the OA 12 & 12 Ad Hoc Committee and she shared that she thoroughly enjoyed her experience.

Hi Tech (Jeannette-Absent/Alice-Temp-Absent)- No Report

Group Outreach (Ann)-If you are a group that needs support or if you know of such a group please email Ann at groupoutreach@triangleoa.org  Ann visited a new meeting in Wade NC on July 17th and had a wonderful experience.  She brought the Audio Library with her and lent out CDs to their members.

Co Newsletter Editors (Rita/Lauren- Rita-Distribution)- Lauren reminded everyone to email her or Rita at newsletter@triangleoa.org with any edits to current information or announcements for the newsletter.  The IG volunteered to write for the September issue. The IG budget will be included in the September newsletter and will appear going forward every quarter.

Retreat Chair- (Natalie-Absent) Natalie plans to attend the IG meeting in Wilmington in August and will have a report on the spring 2014 retreat at that time.  Atiya appointed Sherylyn the new retreat chair.

SOAR (Neill-Present/Patrick-Absent)- Neill brought materials back from the SOAR convention in Baton Rouge. There were 13 first time delegates at the convention and the non English speaking membership continues to grow. Multiple issues were discussed such as how OA can attract new members and why OA is losing members.  Ideas included focusing on abstinence and working all of the 12 steps. Helpful tools are available on these topics on www.oa.org including an abstinence power point presentation and a meeting inventory document.

PIPO- The former PIPO chair has resigned. Atiya appointed Mickelle the new PIPO chair. Scott shared his experience as PIPO chair and the budget for the committee with Mickelle.

Ad Hoc Committees

Audio Library (Esther-Absent)- No Report- Mike brought 3 copies of the guest speaker’s talk at the spring retreat to add to the library.

12 Step Within (Jan)- The Recovery From Relapse Serenity Day is on Saturday September 27th  from 1-4pm at the Carrboro United Methodist Church. She is working on a flier for the event and has contacted 3 possible speakers.  Mike suggested recording the speakers to add to our audio library.

By-Laws Review (Jim-Absent/Alice-Absent)- No Report

Ongoing Business

Privacy concerns about phone numbers included in the newsletter being available online- No Report

Researching different electronic methods for Intergroup to receive contributions from individual meeting- No Report

Gratitude Luncheon - This event will be held on Saturday September 6th in Durham at 12:30pm at Staybridge Suites of Durham. Participants will bring their own lunch. Lauren will contact Patrick about creating a flier.

New Business

Wellness Event - August 20th 9am-4pm-State Employees of NC 2014 Wellness & Safety Expo-Mickelle/Bert/Lauren will work together on this event. The IG is looking for someone who can assist in creating a generic banner that can be used at various health expos and events.

NC State OA Convention 2017 - Atiya is considering chairing the committee for this event if Raleigh is the host.  Anyone interested in being a committee member is asked to contact her. Multiple IGs will be asked to participate.

Spring 2015 Retreat- Sherylyn has been appointed the new retreat chair.  She has begun work on securing a location and is reviewing contracts. She welcomes location suggestions and retreat committee members. Email her at retreat@traingleoa.org The IG approved up to $500 to secure a location based upon the amount left in the retreat checking account after final calculations from the spring 2014 retreat are completed.

Third Quarter 2014: A Step Ahead

Check out the third-quarter 2014 issue of A Step Ahead! This issue contains a lot of news and information, including:
  • The Benefits of Virtual Service Boards
  • “Our Primary Purpose” inspired Workshops at WSBC 2014
  • Announcement of New Officers, Trustees and Committee Chairs for 2014-2015
  • OA Literature overview by Tina C., General Services Trustee
  • Seventh Tradition article by new treasurer Gerri H., General Service Trustee, Treasurer
  • 2015 Lifeline topics
  • And much more!
The issue also contains flyers promoting Rozanne S.’s commemorative items for sale, a Lifeline subscription appeal, and a recruitment for Lifeline Reps.
Please make copies and/or circulate to help us get the word out.
We especially appreciate you sharing the Lifeline topics for 2015. We’re always seeking stories from members about their experience and recovery.

Final Report – 2014 World Service Business Conference

The final report from the 2014 World Service Business Conference can be found here. Learn more about the next World Service Business Conference, taking place in 2014 from April 27 – May 2 in Albuquerque, NM here.

July 2014 OA News Bulletin

OA News Bulletin

NEW! Issue of A Step Ahead 
The third-quarter 2014 issue of A Step Ahead is posted at www.oa.org/membersgroups/a-step-ahead-newsletter/. Find information about the most recent Conference, the benefits of Virtual Service Boards; an Announcement of New Officers, Trustees and Committee Chairs for 2014-2015; an OA Literature overview; a Seventh Tradition article by new treasurer and much more. Download and copy for your groups and service bodies.

WSBC Delegate Fund Applications Due November 1
Intergroups and service boards can apply for assistance to send delegates to the annual World Service Business Conference (WSBC). The 2015 WSBC will be held April 27–May 2, 2015, in Albuquerque, New Mexico USA. To apply, complete the Delegate Support Fund application and mail, fax, or email (info@oa.org) it to the World Service Office by November 1, 2014. The Delegate Support Fund is made possible, in the spirit of Tradition Seven, by OA member contributions.

2014 OA Retreat Weekend – North Florida



Do you ever feel like something is blocking your enjoyment of life? Would you like to experience the benefits of clearer connections to your Higher Power, to the program, and to each other?  Do you have your own personal experience, strength, and hope? What things have you done in program to unclog your pipeline? Are you willing to share with others? 
Come, join us at this retreat to experience plenty of opportunities to practice, improve, and cultivate these connections and receive more of what OA has to offer! Continue reading