2021 OA Virtual Region Convention

FEBRUARY 20 – 21, 2021




Interpreted in many languages


Join us from Saturday, February 20, 2021 5am EST until Sunday, February 21, 2021 9.30pm EST

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We need 500  Service Volunteers! Please help us Carry the Message!

Fall 2020 Region 3 Virtual Convention

OA Phoenix

The Fall 2020 Region 3 Convention & Assembly “OAsis in the Desert” scheduled for August 7-9, 2020 is now OAsis at Home. Members of Overeaters Anonymous can participate virtually in a weekend of Assembly, Workshops, Marathon Meetings and Panels available via Zoom. Zoom training provided prior to the start of the event!

Registration is $25 and now open at www.oaphoenix.org/register. A schedule of events will be posted soon. Join us in an OAsis of recovery!

If you have questions please contact info@oaphoenix.org.

2020 OA Carolinas Convention

The 2020 OA Carolinas Convention organized by the active OA inter groups in North Carolina and people from the NC mountain groups. We are now accepting registrations for the convention at the Hawthorne Inn in Winston-Salem, May 1-3rd. Please print the attached flyer and pass it around at the meetings you attend.

You can regsiter at event brite registration or by printing the attached 2020 Registration docx, filling out the first page and mailing a check to the address on the second page.

Be sure to reserve a room at the Hawthorne Inn to get the discount rate.

We hope to see you there!


SOAR 8 Report

SOAR 8 Recovery Convention and Business Assembly
April 5-7, 2019
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Report from Clare, Triangle IG SOAR 8 Rep

Some points I noted from recovery meetings:
12 Steps gave me a life beyond my past
I live by doing the next right thing
I can choose to enjoy what’s in front of me or I can live over and over again in my past
It’s a privilege to be an addict in recovery
I can’t do it alone. I need to keep on cultivating my relationship with HP
First the addict takes a bite; then the bite takes the addict
FEAR = Feel Everything And Recover or False Evidence Appearing Real (vs Forget Everything And Run)
The power of the pause: Pause when agitated or doubtful and ask for the right action
Do things that make the likelihood better that I pause
Do more spiritual work, so I am more likely to pause and less likely to need to make amends
PAUSE = Pray And Use Spiritual Energy
WAIT = Why Am I Talking?
When in doubt, ask someone who has been in recovery longer than me and seems to be content
Reread pages 84-88 in the Big Book
Be God-relying, rather than sponsor-relying
Invite HP in on decision making and into all my life
Doubt is self-imposed; HP does not have that doubt about me
Came to realize that there are foods I cannot eat safely even on birthdays or holidays
I have enough; I do enough; I am enough
Buried feelings are feelings buried alive
Let me be the clay and let God be the sculptor
In God’s time, not mine.
Communicate with HP by the tool of writing. Send a “Dear God” letter and then a reply from HP to me: “You are amazing. Here’s what you need to do today.” Then I “select ALL” and delete the dialog from my computer and it’s as if the letter actually went to HP. A way to learn what my HP is. 100% personal to me. Available 24 hours a day. All I have to do is ask, to connect. I learn to trust my intuition.
Self esteem improves with service
Journal about each word in the Serenity Prayer
To compare is to despair
Nothing changes until I change
Minds are like parachutes. They won’t work unless they are open.
We are all perfect in our imperfection.
Addiction: it looks like the solution when really it’s the problem
Don’t compare my insides to someone else’s outsides
Instead of stuffing my face, face my stuff.
Walking hand in hand every day with the spirit. Holding hands with HP. God opening new opportunities for me.
A program of progressive honesty
I now live in abundance; the good times are awesome.
I can get through the challenges if I put down the food and work the Steps. One day at a time.

Some points from the SOAR 8 business assembly meetings:

Title of the business conference was “Seeing the Sunlight of the Spirit
Working in My Life”
OA is a fellowship in which we find and share the power of love
the value of attentive listening
the most important thing is our own abstinence
extending the heart of OA to others, to those who give service, and especially to ourselves
we want more members involved in their local Intergroup
we want Intergroup to support stronger local meetings
we want increased attraction and retention of newcomers
we want more personal recovery and leaders who attract others thru that
we want to carry the message for the growth of OA
love, strength and compassion: learning to love myself is an important part of my action plan
IGOR (Intergroup Outreach) will fund committee chairs to come to the April and October assemblies. Also has a “Carry the Message Fund” to bring someone from outside the area to speak to your Intergroup
“We’re all here because we’re not all there”
Unity With Diversity and 12th Step Within committees combined under the umbrella of the 12th Step Within committee: relapse, membership retention, resources
anyone can request to be put on the list as someone with experience, strength, and hope to share about Unity With Diversity topics: diversity of languages; LGBT; pregnancy, traveling, people of color, etc. And anyone can sign up to be connected with someone who has ESH in these areas.
up to us to educate our area about resources available via oaregion8.org website. Neill has been speaking at Triangle OA meetings and is available to speak to any of our local meetings about this
Workshops: put on the workshop you need to hear; while planning for it, ask people in your meetings what topics they would like addressed; make phone calls to inspire people to attend; call it a “celebration”, rather than a worksop; celebrate the five OA “holidays: 3rd weekend Jan (OA birthday), 3rd weekend Feb (Unity Day), 3rd weekend Aug, 3rd weekend Nov (IDEA Day), and December 12th (12th Step Within).
suggestion that Intergroup order OA books and literature in bulk for all the groups in the area and thus save the local groups S & H; this would need someone from IG to coordinate
suggestion to hold monthly workshops on the 12 Steps to inspire people to attend meetings and do service
suggestion that each IG commit to 4 workshops a year plus one weekend retreat
Sponsors need to be reminded to inspire their sponsees to do service and become sponsors themselves
Service is your recovery—we want to spread that message
Say to your sponsee, “I’d love to meet you at or drive with you to IG”
hold workshops directly after IG meeting
break the big job of hosting a workshop into small tasks. People are willing to do one small, time-limited thing like making a flyer or bringing the ice.
one person shared about the success of having an OA booth at her local PRIDE parade
use technology to enable IG reps from far-flung groups participate in IG meetings
we need to support those who have volunteered for service positions and who are finding it challenging to accomplish what they have said they would. We can talk with them about short term and long term goals and help them become better versions of themselves.
2020 WSO Business Conference is in Orlando. This will be the 60th anniversary of the founding of OA